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To remain out on bail and illinois teenager. We'll have to follow some new rules. Kyle rittenhouse who's accused of killing two men during this. Summer's unrest in kenosha. Wisconsin is prohibited from associated with known white supremacist. A wisconsin judge has also barred the eighteen year old from drinking alcohol and from having firearms. Prosecutors requested the modifications after rittenhouse was seen drinking at a bar with his mother. He also reportedly posed for a photo with two men while making the okay sign with their hands. That's a symbol used by white supremacists. An investigation has been launched in tacoma washington after video posted online shows a police cruiser striking a group of pedestrians. Wosner saying they were getting calls for possibility of street racing. They say there were folks doing doughnuts around the area but now what officers are saying is a crowd of people circled around one of the cop cars who were telling folks to get out of the area reporter. Aj janna vel with fox. Q thirteen news. Two people were reportedly taken to the hospital. One of them is said to have been released. The police department has turned the over to the pierce county force investigation team. Times are tough at the postal service. Which is why some prices are going up tomorrow. U. s. postal service rates won't change for forever stamps and first class mail flat rates up to one ounce though rates for first class mail metered letters at fifty cents and domestic postcards at thirty five cents now. Increased by a penny rates for priority and priority mail express will also increase by four point one percent in three point five percent respectively. But we're told the increase will vary by retail commercials zone and weight increases. 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Check out the live guy to see and interact with live radio stations easily. Find your favorites like the one. You're listening to right now and as always it's totally free. Download the nextradio app today. Next radio live and local wherever you go. The impeachment process continues. I'm mary core. Study fox news for the second time in a year the senate will begin impeachment proceedings against four president trump house. Impeachment managers led by maryland democrat. Jamie raskin will walk a single article of impeachment from the house to the senate. Monday night the first step in a senate impeachment trial. The house impeached former president trump for incitement of insurrection accusing him of encouraging a violent mob. That stormed the us capitol on january. Six senate majority leader chuck. Schumer says to trial will begin the week of february eighth allowing time for the senate to continue confirming cabinet nominees and work on covert relief legislation. Jared halpern fox news. This former president trump has transitioned out of the white house and many are wondering what his plans for the future former president. Donald trump's skipped the inauguration of now president joe biden the president also usually invites their successor for a dinner at the white house and outgoing. First ladies hold a t and a tour for the incoming spouse. Both of those events did not happen. Trump did leave a letter for the forty sixth commander in chief which biden called very generous after flying to florida from the nation's capital trump spending these last few days that has mar-a-lago resort. It's not clear where he'll set up a permanent residents just yet. Fox's alex hogan meanwhile arizona republicans on saturday re-elected kelli ward as party chair giving a second term to one a former president trump's most loyal supporters plus janet yellen final senate vote for treasury secretary asset for monday the senate finance committee unanimously approving president biden's nomination janet yellen treasury secretary. A full senate. Vote could take place as soon as monday. The former fed chair would be the first woman to serve in the post. Yellen is calling for swift passage of the president's one point nine trillion dollar stimulus plan package would include fourteen hundred dollar checks for most americans. Fox's john scott. America is listening to fox news thousands of protesters marching the streets in cities across russia. Demanding the release of a man they see as wrongfully imprisoned around fifteen thousand navalny's supporters. Were out on the street. State chanted free alexei navalny russian authorities had warned people to stay away because of the pandemic the worst scuffles as police carried out mass arrests. This was from the very start. And they were often seen using force independent monitoring group to say more than three thousand people were taken away including navanly's wife and those detained on saturday face possible jail time for defying the ban on protests. Now lavelle me. Himself was immediately arrested. On arriving in russia from germany last sunday authorities say he'd reached previous parole conditions by staying out of the country and many world leaders have condemned detention. Fox's kid he logan adding that the us state department released a statement condemning. How russia tweeted both citizens and journalists speaking out against the government plus british prime minister. Boris johnson telling president biden that he's eager to forge a new. Us uk trade deal. The prime minister's office says the push for a new deal came saturday in a phone. Call that touched on the global response to the corona virus pandemic to other points of discussion. Biden's plans to rejoin the paris climate accord and the world health organization. Meanwhile the cdc says west virginia has provided the cororavirus vaccine to more people than any other state in the nation republican west. virginia governor. Jim justice crediting his state success to their practical distribution plan. That was different from what the cdc recommended brought in all of our pharmacies local health clinics and places where our seniors would go to. We really took an active stand with our teachers and our service personnel. To get dan shots to where we could get back into classrooms. Because we think that's very essential data shows that seven point. Four percent of the population received.

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