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Inside. Thanks for being with us. I'm Cisco Kodo thirty seven degrees in Chicago land. We're heading up to a high of forty six and the sunshine is going to stick around all day long. We'll tell you about the weekend and your complete AccuWeather forecast. Coming up and another chance for you to win one thousand dollars comes your way at eleven twenty four keyword for cash. Our top local story on NewsRadio WBZ. Mayor Emanuel issued a statement this morning saying alderman Edward Burke, has decided to resign as chairman of the city council's finance committee. The move comes following word yesterday that Burke is facing federal corruption charges. The mayor says Burke agreed to step down because of his affection for the city deep respect for the institution of the city council and the needs of his constituents the federal charges. Have attempted extortion against Burke center on the efforts by a businessman to get permits to remodel one of his fast food restaurants. You may be familiar with that particular establishment. Prosecutors allege alderman Berk tried to shake down the owner of a Burger King at fortieth Polaski when the owner was trying to get remodeling permits and twenty seventeen just outside that Burger King is worth seventeen year old Liqun McDonald was shot and killed by Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke in two thousand fourteen the stores district manager claimed Chicago police deleted security video for an eighty six minute stretch that happened to include the time McDonnell was shot. Police and prosecutors claimed there had been no tampering with the video burnings foyer NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM candidates hoping to unseat Burke in the south west sides, fourteenth ward. And also their campaign workers were on the streets yesterday immediately after the charges against him were announced twenty-eight-year-old Tanya Patino was going door to door in the fifty first street. Business district surrounding Burks ward office telling people she stands for change offer him.

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