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Was the bell and and went playing footsie. I can't believe you got that joke. I'm sorry interrupt ben ballet and the funniest thing ever happened to me. I'm sorry to leave friends with you. God love you wish people come. They go into cussing criticism meetings. And they go. I'm in this show. In britain and they talk like this and they say it's a and it's called sunset beach but but because they're british and the doesn't that show that's right think they're in fucking that right shakespeare. I think they're in the british wire and all of those people have acting careers in la. I'm telling you when you see you fucking kidding me. It would be shitty show. How all of them successful. And i say good luck to him. That is brilliant. Because you didn't you figured it out if there was a lie exactly if i could go to. It doesn't go the other way. I can't go to great britain and be like hello. Yeah what you guys have nacho cheese. But he goes like look at that age shuttle night people guy dragging around the back. That's right and to death commando. It's not very nice. We they don't like well. Is that true. Yeah not certainly not charmed very weird charmed worry about it remember in love. Actually of course you do you watch it every morning to remember yourself. That's my mantra is actually titled all around a live in my fingers you remember. Yeah that guy has to stop and you know what i didn't even feel stop hop. I have a thing with accents. i mirror. Whoever i'm talking to you and i do like british cultures. I'm very tempted to not. I'm not going to do the accent. But i'm really. I know i wanted to call yourself on a mobile. I just wanted to really januarius. Is it united in some places if you go to spain and you can do like five words. They go like he's making an effort. He's making it effort. Yes okay and contact and cantaldo chiluba. That's not spain address. The searchers searchers. He's making an effort. Let's allah we work. Lamar is now real. Suing them with day at the lotto. You're gonna kill my toilet. I think that means. I'm death standing behind you which is really the spanish okay. So i'm i'm going to give you a few situations we're in a we're in a restaurant i didn't say pob. I'm not a basic interest as well as drink. That's right. I eat and drink and we're in a restaurant and people hear me. I'm like i'll have the steak. What are we thinking. I hear you order steak. I'll have the steak i go. Is that what what what would you. What what the average honestly honestly honestly this candidates that that's what we want. I'm standing in for is what happens. Yeah british people in restaurant you and as an american going to be much louder than anyone else in the very of course we have a quiet so repressed bridge. We don't fucking till we don't express it my shit. We're having outdated angry but quietly angry. I'm angry by the way. I feel like i can pick up on it because i'm because i'm christian. Yes and i'm waspy white anglo saxon protestant and k. I can just in case cases is inclusive. Chat guys probably made up wasp. What am i saying we are. That's yours you're the wasps didn't come here and guy. Yeah this is how you behave now. That's right for well. I'm embarrassed i. I'm saying when i watch british people home having a chin wag i go. I feel the tension. Because that's that's how we communicate attention. We're not a bunch of bill birds in my family. They shut up. We're going like. Oh you're ted lasso. Good for you yes. You know underneath as you need a cook. You can't sorry preface that i understand. I don't not a big deal. No big and you say you mean is not you can't you can't you can't count you can't is not you can. Let's say that'd be because here we are. I'm enjoying the bubble of safety of britain. Yeah and i just had. And if i said come on any other episode that'd be like and here we are just a couple of counts. Just kinda counts. Is i chose to play this episode in your coffee shop over the loudspeaker. Yeah you're welcome to the spiritual shows highest. I'll maybe this is what happens. And the reason. I'm so we get it.

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