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He hasn't come here to talk hoops. He's you're about his Croft home. Yeah, series. He's an author. He's an author, he, he writes for time novel graphic time magazine. So. Who's gonna tell it's kareem's data, bring in doughnuts like, have them go get lunch run. I guess he's a fan of Arana Marston I have no idea. You walk it so. So you're in the rights to come ours and in walks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. That's what you're saying is happening here. What if you're in that writer's room and you don't know who who's come on, there has to be people and writers who don't know really not dual jabbar's. That means they haven't even seen airplane come on may or maybe they think he's the guy from airplane, showing. Pilot planes. That's happening right now. That's the one who wants threaten the boy about you. Tell your dad about dragging Walton and you're up in floor that guy's writing for Veronica Mars. It's on John Schneider is here Roland putts on the Callaway corner. How are you, sir? I missed my. I got three in a row. Yes. Three hundred mulligan it's a mulligan. Pelicans You. breakfast ball for John. Everybody. He's on dancing with the stars as we all know, even join his his work, acting and singing for all these decades. John Schneider, not the football, Josh Neider, the actor John Schneider, the musician, John Schneider, when we come back, okay, this is the thirty second commercial and I'm gonna throw a lot of numbers that you, but please stay with.

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