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Josh miranda eighteen touchdowns through the air but five on the ground plus you factor in four table ow powell they've been punch it it in they have the seventh best red zone rank in the entire legal as the broncos almost the very bottom 29th defensively the broncos are much better than the jets especially on paper they're topfive and just about every category yards for game yards for play rushing yards passing yards but their points per game and a lot of that factors in to how they start because of turnovers the put them on the minus side of the fifty they are at the very bottom 31st so only better than one team and i believe that's the brown's twenty six point three points per game the jets their 21st in points per game that's all ten teams better than the broncos in there in the 20s every category defensively so it all we can have these conversations a bunch of different ways and i tried to happened this week on jim loosehead and sixty in a little bit here on koa but no matter where you swing it and you want to look at the old line you'll look at receivers you wanna look at some of the things that events has done it all comes back to the team protecting the ball and not turning it over last week you size at mckenzie fumble again as a result the rookie won't return punched the rest of the year jordan taylor has that job a game let's dive into today's game management and how the broncos are going to have a chance to win this game and snap this eightgame losing streak they don't want to tie the franchise futility mark of nine straight losses setback in 19th 67 in today's game management is brought to you by red bird farms what real chicken tastes liked for more info visit red bird farmscom and let's go the guy that is a leader on this defense he has one sack away from i believe a six ten sacked season.

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