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The state of the state you have posted something the other day on Facebook and I had to share it and say I'm glad you said it because when you say that you have the validity of being a mainstream you want to call legitimate news guy was like a black thing yeah I said what I say it chads it was talking about the use of US school ministers in school force their use of funds that are given to them yes it was brought to my attention earlier this week by state lawmakers who is going to come in the hallway like can't do we ever look at how much money he gets transferred back and forth between the operation and capital funds watch the X. files yes yeah I figure like you're like cancer man yeah who's the guy used to talk to Mulder Deep Throat it's a great guy okay that's you at the state house your moulder the truth is out there that's going to be able to find a way to carry on and so it's like no one thing about looking at how much money is transferred to tell me about how his school district transfer like a million five dollars from the operations fund to the capital fund is okay that's a million Bucks a kind of went toward build teacher pay and so I wonder how much that is going on across the state of Indiana and so by soldiers in the link this weekend because of differences out there publicly over how much schools are transferred from there are operational fund to the capital improvement fund and like Hey what's going on here because you can play it was sent on the money for teachers and why you moved over here you know racial cost your capital costs here's the deal right because he you start talking about the different funds and I get a man you get him in the lawmakers get on with the average person has no idea what that means right and the problem is you and I can present with the facts yeah but they have this money they're doing this but then the teacher comes as Morgan screwed willing to believe right I mean you're always fighting an uphill battle against this call is for lack of a better term see but but here's the thing though and I think and I I was going to collect the kind of do this with you when we really argue with each other the best way to deal with animals argument is with a simple answer and that's that's how you deal with with that with emotionally distraught when go go back to our bill referenda when they were all yelling screaming we need more money we need more pay what was the question we asked okay how much do you want I would get an answer see a very simple will always be emotional but here's the deal and okay let's get to it let's dive right in rob Kendall bill can serve us program state house happenings we made it to the main event of the that is the state of the state you and I boys that are you know we got no answer we said the answer is they don't know and until they know steak you blank you why you know come back to me when you have a viable negotiating standpoint and we will and we will talk yet the governor comes out and he's going to throw a whole bunch more money and I'm so in a weird way the goon squad storm in the state house it works actually not necessarily it's funny because we sort of governor this you go that's right we all heard in St winds he's gonna throw hundreds of millions of dollars of these people again it didn't work last time we told was gonna work and he's going to do it again so they one moment fares Lou not not necessarily because basically what the axles actors actually gonna win and that's one of the long term what what the governor proposes our models on the same page is we have what's called the teacher retirement fund in there too Bob and the and the and the cut off date is nineteen ninety six because the Indiana spends are kind of in a weird place by twenty five they fixed it so you have a nice day six pensions on there with everything for everything sort of after in the pre nineteen ninety six pensions the government's going to drop off about may god make a basically make a payment to a fifty million dollars from a future state surplus what that does that it's it's a quote one of having a car payment and paid off after car note and they kind of doubling up on your car payments and because what you gonna do eventually you will save money because we'll be paying interest your free of money down the road the the whole for second the logic is is that those funds are available to use our use for teacher pay the other part of this equation which is kind of broke this afternoon is out of the there is there's a there's always a their state agency called like the I. E. R. B. the Indian education relations imported rice is boring what the I. E. R. B. somebody's making money off that surely right well actually what they do is also be track of every teacher in the state of Indiana paid benefits the whole nine yards and so what the folks are doing is they should be out in April is gathering data compiling data on every single teacher salary in the state of Indiana how much they make before chopper money and how much they make now and so the point is because with what the we don't know if we hear these averages okay well how much is Indiana teacher actually make make so for the first time we'll have like serious comprehensive data in front of us SO what teacher salaries are and it's not just teacher salaries it's also when they get in for and retirement when they get forms of a case you guys remember Mr gulp of jobs it's not just your paycheck is your compensation it's all the other perks and benefits that you get as well okay self I as a taxpayer I go to work each day I earn money I pay my taxes I contribute to the state I ask for very little in return from my government I've certainly never stormed the bass deal I've never advocated at abdicated my taxpayer funded job I've never used a child as a human shield to get more money like the fifteen thousand goons we saw the storm the statehouse so three years ago when they were proposing raising the tax on gasoline hard working taxpayers like me went to the governor went to our legislators and said Hey in about the last person you want to give a blank check to those guys are the sopranos now these are things I can say that you know because I don't want people in a government capacity there they are the mom it's Paulie walnuts a little and Tony soprano I said so why don't you Mrs somebody why don't we just when we give them a little bit out of the reserves let's see how they do with that if they do a good job then we'll talk about the potential tax increases and their response does was no we can't touch the reserves never ever never ever ever never never ever it's like it's like shoes Joe Jackson crossing the first base line field of dreams he can't do it because you can't go back you're not a baseball fan he partners in field of dreams have you Kevin Costner Joe Joe yeah anyway that's what it's like but all of a sudden your pal ski government goofy over here proposing when fifteen thousand people store in the state of but the reserves well no that's that's exactly what he said no no I need to play the are you know what they what they did was there taking extra in other in other words to cause reserves exited better than we thought they would and so like okay let's do this to a couple things number one these views cash to pay for certain capital projects so you save on the interest number two by paying off your long term teacher pension liability a little bit Fassel bit quicker Hey you save the taxpayers money because eventually twenty like thirty two bill pretty much self sufficient and so have like an extra billion dollars a year because that's what is put into the teacher retirement although I thought we did that last year we had this conversation paying off teacher pension no no no no I don't know but that is a plan supported school districts pay okay with giving them the money I don't care what is this forcing crap doesn't work for me a bill because they're still taking my money back and giving it to special interest groups yeah when we wanted to Perot no we can't touch that no no no but when the goon squad storms the statehouse banging drums and wear red shirts heaven forbid let's open the floodgates to question how many people lost election to the gasoline tax so that's that's why you're there all right well don't know what you're not what you don't just asking how many people I have no idea I don't remember a certain young man who live blood respect like my little brother just yelling and screaming to the top as launchers you people to storm the best deal and throw these **** out why should you just take it I should've been advocated my job I should have caused a ruckus I should have people invade the state house because that's all these people do you know as well as I do your body governor taxes and he existed for the path of least resistance and to keep his donor buddies happy and screw the people and very is all on tape being a complete and total hypocrite we can disagree all you want that's fine you and I disagree although the differences you're not a hypocrite about your consistent but don't tell me one year old no here's the line we can't cross will never touch it yet when its teachers wanted special interest no I I disagree because what they said was back in the days of road funding it was we need a because what they say they're always done in the past was a take a big chunk of money spent on roads another big chunk of money tendrils like no you need a long term dedicated sustainable revenue source to take care of your roads it is just that simple so the days it also miss I I listen to that speech and I actually listen to it in real time and angrily tweeted during at what a better up with this pathetic I put a better opposition to the governor up then the entire state Democratic Party what are these people getting paid for over there they're doing nothing begin page run for the state Senate on one because I am I am again my phone who works who does this for fun and I'm doing better than they are that's that's absolutely pathetic but point of all this is I listen to that speech a second time calmer and without tweeting about it and I realized the days of the Republican Party having the idea of tax reform as a core issue are over because all I heard from him was what we're going to spend money on and there was not one talk of of tax or regulatory reform for the state of Indiana for Hoosiers as a collective well actually there there there has been tax and regulatory reform maybe just on the way that you see if but not under my goofy here actually yes for example Bob forty four times it is the were there were forty four tax increases and they were not tax increases okay yeah do you do you have a Billboard no you don't so you don't pay the bill more see thank you so all I'm a bad guy because I care about my neighbor that has to pay the tax increase when I would only be in a meeting when you start buying Billboard that's what yeah all right yeah yeah I know Bob Dole that there's been a ton of blog regulatory reform there's been a ton of tax reform because you got a member Alonso was already done because it was already being done any and it would not be the job magnet no that is in people.

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