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News thanks so much for staying with us I'm David Rankin with Kristen D. as the president says he's worried about the economic impact of corona virus as businesses across the country are shutting down he says he hopes the country will be able to re open by April twelfth our decision will be based on hard facts and data as to the opening I'm also hopeful to have Americans working again by that Easter that beautiful Easter day for the latest from Washington during the CBS evening news with Norah o'donnell at six o'clock here on KRLD as will settle into the new normal with all the shelter in place orders and social distancing is we're trying to spread or slow the spread of corona virus a lot of people are hoarding supplies as a way to feel in control we all know about people hoarding toilet paper but a psychotherapist Dr Patty actually says it's not about the T. P. people when they're in fear they do all kinds of different things and one of them sometimes is is trying to make sure they have everything they need and control things and so it's really about feeling like I have some control over something she says holding brings people comfort and many people need that because actually says people are actually suffering from grief these days they are grieving the loss of a lifestyle as everything seems to be changing she says the current uncertainty is causing fear and to combat that fear actually recommend you focus on five things that are good in your life and remind yourself this will not last forever she was in Darwin newsradio ten eighty KRLD that was one thing about getting stuck at home parents are going more old school when it comes to finding things to do with the kids Hasbro reports families are buying up Plato and nerf toys board games like monopoly in operation are selling out as well and puzzle makers are seeing massive sales increase two thousand piece and five hundred piece puzzle sales up three hundred percent another puzzle maker says it's busier now than during any Christmas time and that this is sold out of half of its inventory five fifty three a Rangers players going to the dogs Tuesday is national puppy day celebrating puppies and adoptions Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo had an early fear of dogs I was actually really really afraid of dogs growing up you so like run away from them in the scared of on this even like little like weird dog loves dogs and became a dog owner four years ago now I have a a lot of retriever.

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