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All right making it rained meanwhile leash shman how about that brandel chamblee saying that he's the guys like i just don't wanna work out i moammar lawn for working out he's three for three on birdies today one two and three five under par look at him go all the way he was three hundred in the first three speed was plus three on the other at how about that all right so when we come back this was wild all right we that the rule in major league baseball that has been proposed thrown out there all right it's thrown out there to try and speed up pace a play and make things interesting putting a runner on second base to start extra innings to avoid that eighteen nineteen twenty innings slog in game forty five of one hundred sixty two to avoid that sort of stuff where you're you're pushing the curfew if you will at one in the morning just start extra innings with a man on second base that is not come to fruition a major league baseball but it's being piloted in double a baseball and it was it happened for the first time last night wait till you hear what happened and tell me if you think this isn't good that's next sixty seconds on the rich eisen show let's talk birdwell beach britches people a new sponsor the rich eisen podcast look i'll look at mike del tufo everyday and i wonder the answer to this question are you starting to get tired close that fall apart after wearing a few months why chase trends don't chase mike trans check out birdwell beach britches it is awesome customers often come into birdwell santa ana factory and store in the same pair of birdies that they've been wearing for decades sometimes they see their sons wearing thirty more year old pairs that were once their fathers bird wells proprietary almost unbreakable two ply nylon fabric was originally inspired by the sales of boats anchored at california's newport beach and they could survive rocks grapes reef slashes and tons of wear and best of all they look great with more than fifty six years of experience behind him birdwell beach britches or part of the fabric of golden age southern california surf culture like the beach boys hot rods skateboarding and they look gray.

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