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Numbers. It's an unbelievable streaky. You see this pop up every once in a while in pro sports. But in hockey, I think it's a little harder to do and hockey because especially now as you mentioned there's so much parity in the league is so many good players on so many teams. It's usually something small that separates the really good teams from the decent teams. And so to win eleven consecutive games and eleven consecutive games against one team. Very impressive streak. Birdseye court conquer reassigned to Syracuse Denic Martell on a conditioning stint the force that means that Ryan Callahan is joining lineup tonight. How does that change the fourth line? And what are you looking for from Kellyanne side? Yeah. I mean when you look at that fourth line now in probably coming in for Adam Ernie you would take the forwards. That's the the one guy is going to be the odd man out which for him. He probably had his best game of the season. I thought and it gets Carolina. I mean, he made an impact each time. He was on the ICU is. He was noticeable. Whereas the first couple of games, I didn't necessarily notice him on the ice says gave so. Yeah, you look at that that fourth line. Now, you're talking about J T Miller. Probably sliding over to the left wing side of the park cat in the middle and Callahan back to his normal spot on that right hand side. I mean, John talks about rolling four lines. That's a pretty hefty fourth line. We're talking about this on our Facebook live. So I mean, that's the line. You know, a lot of teams might like is their second or third line. It's got firepower. It's got a lot of grit. It's some toughness. I mean, that's a that's a pretty good group. It's interesting because they have an opportunity Tampa Bay to take four or five on this homestand kucherov in.

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