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Nina's first book love Nina despatches from family. Life was published in twenty thirteen and love Nina was a collection of letters that Nina wrote to her sister in the eighties, while she was working in north London as a nanny to the children of Mary, Kay Wilmots, who is the editor of the London review books, the letters chart, the young Nina's adventures at the Wilma's house, which included regular encounters with variety of colorful characters, including stalls of the literary world like Jonathan Miller, and especially Alan Bennett, who would join Nina, Mary, and the children quite lot for supper over the course of the book you also see Nina making the decision. To go into higher education and study humanities at Thames paulie which is where she met her friend, Stella, and Stella was with Nina the day, we recorded our conversation. She was set on the same Sofer as Nina and now and then Nina would ask a question, and Stella would respond off Mike, but yeah, it was it was really fun. Hanging out with Nina and Stella all the back at the end with more solo burgling for right now. Here we go. Hey, Nina, it's very nice to meet you. Hey, it's lovely to be here with your friend, Stella. She is sat on the sofa with you. Stella heath. So I said that in a way that suddenly changes the tone of our interaction interns, intellect, where live. I know I know I'm, I'm lacking behind right? I'm going to change high as soon as I say. Hi, nina. Nice to meet you. You immediately looked guarded. I did. Well, that's that happens, doesn't it? So I'm going to little horse actually can you tell them whole? No, I couldn't tell just thinking little horse jokes. I knew you would sorry. That's just you the level generally operates. That's why I'm here. Now you are. There's I want to talk to you, but I really love your stuff my friend, Garth Jennings. Got me into it. So how do you know Goth? I know goes because out of the blue he wrote to me, say how much he liked my books, I think my first book actually love Nina. And when people do that, and they have no reason to do it. It's so touching. So we should've kept in touch after he done that we kind of friends and we love each other stuff. You know, love his films son of Rambo, which I think you had a little, I wasn't son of Rambo. Yes, that's one of the three films in two thousand six the teach teacher. And I was badly injured in the head in each of the films that I was in. Yeah. And I've got a part in sing to oh, good. Are you in seeing wan? I'm gotha. We says, oh, yeah, he's in sing one, but it's really like I say two words in the background of you sing. One big a part in into I so far. You never know though. Never know anything could happen. Exactly. Always lashed. Exactly. The all they great Phil. Well, I've not seen seen to sing. One is just a joy. You've got children. Right. Yes. And were they the right age for sing? They were the right age, for seeing they were little bit older than the target audience, but funny enough, they went seat in Truro, when it came out, and they loved it. And my son Alfie is now seventeen is a complete Beatles fan. He's mad has always been on the Beatles. And when that song, I can't even remember the name of it and slow. Yes, he, he was just decided to sing it rather than just say the title. Yeah. And then it goes to you got to carry the right carry that way, wait, yes, it's marvelous anyway. So yes, we loved it. I loved it and selfish favorite Beatles album. You should know he'll be really I'm going to have to answer that question. I predict that it will be either rubber soul revolver. I think it might be revolver revolve was pretty good. He's obsessed and his favourite Beatles, George. Well, that's a good favorite. He loves John, but he loves the feel of George and he got involved with all those films..

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