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Crown jewel, tyrese maxi, or whether or not they're going to try and like basically swap out their depth for more depth for better depth and kind of mimic what you saw to some extent the warriors have there, which is like they could use some combination of 7 to 9 guys in a much more productive way than the sixers work is like right now I'm at that point where when you watch the finals, you're at the luxury of having your team in it. But when you watch the finals, that looks like a different sport than the one that your team was playing and you're just kind of like, I don't know what the road map is to that. I say this a lot, but the finals to me informs every decision I'm thinking about for a draft and free agency. If you're offering me a guy who can't play and what I just watched and why am I interested in that guy? You know, you can get gimmick guys that can win you around or two rounds, whatever, but you're right. It was depth. It was defense. It was two way guys. It was chemistry and continuity. The irony is, if you don't, if you traded simmonds for something else other than try to do the star model, you probably would have had some of the depth that you're talking about. If you do like Simmons for buddy and Halliburton, it just feels like you've got a couple more pieces to throw. You've got like a couple of different combinations to try. Yeah. Well, you can't do that. You can't. The first decision is James Harden. What are you hearing? There's all kinds of weird rumors about harder right now about Philly trying to get him on a shorter deal about maybe him exploring the fridge and studio space. What like Brian Wilson with pet sounds? Is this part a little bit? There's some San Antonio. He's always got along with Popovich. He always liked Texas. There's some Houston comeback stuff. No. I don't know what to believe. The Tillman harden reunion? They're back. They're going to hash it out. Listen, if LeBron and Dan Gilbert can reconcile, I'm not really that anything. My guess is that Philly will sign harden, but it will not be for the match. I think that would be insanity. Opt in and then two years on top. So he gets his, he gets his opt in here, and then I think they're going to do two more years extension. And walk me through the Philly fan base as they react to that news. I think that while I think as long as it's not the full, the full 5 year or the full, I guess it would be the 5 year if he opts out, then he can get the 5. I think everybody is comfortable with it. We made our bed. This is who Daryl traded Simmons for. He knows hard and better than everybody. We all saw that he had basically 5 good games in him in the second half of that season. I was basically on acid after those 5 games. I thought it was like the coolest thing I'd ever seen. And then it all fell apart. He was pretty useless. Maxie became the second best player clearly on that team over down the stretch. And then Tobias may have usurped harden in the playoffs. So it's just kind of like, it is what it is. It just can't be for four years. It can't be that this long-term commitment to them. And your convinced maxi stays on the team. Unless they go for this build deal that weirdly people have divine from windhorst appearance on greeny, where it was like he kind of laid out a scenario in which the sixers were looking for additional talent. And then there was like, it was basically intuited from something went or said that that was Beale, and it would have been Tobias and maxi for Beale. Tobias and Maxie for Beale. Well, I said this on my podcast in February and you know, I don't just throw shit out on the pod. It's usually like this is stuff I believe in and I'm saying it for a fact. And be wanna Beal that was always what was going on. And you know, the front office was pushing for hard and then Bill got hurt and it's made the decision for them. But I do think there's a B and B thing. And you know, I think it's a possibility. I just, to me, I don't know. Doesn't that feel very like three, four years ago thinking though? To be like, we're just gonna get in be hard and be together and then we'll worry about filling out four through ten. Maybe we'll get, it's like, can they even afford PJ Tucker if that happens? Like, I don't even know where they would get the guys to fill that out. We just watched this happen with Brooklyn. You know what I mean? I don't want a team that's so top heavy. So you're saying it's like walking into Netflix and being like, I have an idea. It's a show about it's during the tech era and it's a little like WeWork and it's just too late at this point. It's the 80s there are these kids. They found another dimension where you guys buy them. What do you think? You guys don't have anything like that, right? I think the three star thing is shot at S.W.A.T. for a variety of reasons. I'm with you. Especially because once you turn your franchises over to these guys, good luck. To some extent, I think it's still dictated. There's like a popular.

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