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Of infection fever and cough. You don't have that just beyond the lookout for it. Then well Dr Robert Winters. Md from here in local Los Angeles infectious disease. Doctor we thank you so much for being part of the show and giving your your your take and your research and experience in this and we really appreciate it. Yeah my pleasure Carl. I hope you get off the ship. The nineteenth comes around and stuff. Okay Take Care Karl. I have a question for you. Carl the have they give you any indication if you fly back to Los Angeles. Are you going to be sequestered and quarantined here? In the states. We thought so at first but the US embassy has issued a number of leases. They keep us updated on a daily basis. Us Embassy from Japan based in Tokyo and they referred us that no we will not be quantity dreamed of any back when we get back to the states. And once we leave the ship we are free individuals. And I I saw on. I was very curious about this. I saw a thing that your wife did. 'cause you're with your wife that she was saying that people were threatening threatening you and your wife not to come back. Is that right? Yeah well you Tony. You know better than anybody that social media can be a really big rabbit hole. No we've been you know we've been very out front there with both our blogs on hometown station dot com sharing a day today diary of what been going through in making you know keeping our sense of humor about it and then my wife's been doing yes lives facebook's rained and yes but you know it it gets down a percentage as we have one hundred thousand people will be watching it and they'll be ten yoyos making comments that are beyond stupid. Right and yeah. It's it's unfortunate. There's a good and bad to social media and Unfortunately have to see those once in a while but There's after the show you guys can go to Carl's Radio Station website hometown station DOT COM. You can find out. There's a lot more You know his right here. Yeah you can just go and check it out. Look at his Pages of of more details of what they went through but Carl. I know one thing about mental health where you know people stressed out your immune system goes down. How do you keep your mental state up? I mean being in your affirming trapped. Eight to eight feet with your wife. That's true but you know it's it's but after a while you can get cabin. Fever unintended And really kind of kind of get stressed out and in your immune system goes. How do you keep your mental health up? How do you keep that positively going? Yeah let's the ultimate test of our thirty one year we we we o one of the lucky ones we. We purchased a mini sweet when I gave this cruise as a gift for Christmas and her birthday present and we traveled with two of our closest friends. Who are in the cabin next to us. Which is rare for us to be able to get joining Kevin's but like the luck of the dice. Just happened when we first book this cruise on the first day of our crews and again we had fifteen of the sixteen days on the crews were wonderful cruise Cruise time we had. Princess opened the door between are too many sweets out on the balcony. So I can go back and forth into their room and vice versa. And that's what kept their marriage intact. I think you're lucky. Mean God. Some people are trapped. No windows able to and right right. There are people. I was on One of our excursions in Vietnam and I met a wonderful couple from Atlanta. They were in their eighties and they have been given the cruise as a gift by their grandson. They were in an inside cabin. No windows about a half the size of our Rome. Many sweet and the grandson and a friend were in there so this four in all my we met another. Yeah we met another American family. He's in the military and they brought their kids. They're in an inside cabin. So whenever we start feeling a little sir crazy we just think of them and and that any any version of US feeling sorry for ourselves out and we've also kept a sense of humor if you read my blog I've been we've been posting that every two days on hometime station DOT com. And we you know. We tried to show the reality of this and the serious and the seriousness of this but also put a humorous twist to it as we do throughout our lives. Thing that the lemonade on for sure and my my biggest thing is you said they bring you the food. I'm like well. How do you know there hasn't been from the time they cooked it the time you brought it to you that something didn't get infected airport? Yeah I would be afraid to even when you do but you have to eat so well. In coral they cancel everyone on the crew. Where masks so anything? Airborne is hopefully stop by the masks right and with health. And we've got so many Japanese health officials on board they're inspecting everything and clearing everything. It was only a few. We've been doing laundry in our bathtub and only been a few days ago when they health officials are now allowing the princess staff to do laundry as well for passenger yeah. I saw the video where your clothes hanging out on your balcony so I thought that was pretty Cruz where they cancelled the The rest of the cruisers for China for the rest of year blamed them and they've now cancelled flights in and out of China. So I mean I. I'm still worried Carl. I know they told you they're going to let you be Freeman. But I I bet then they just take another flight recently and they put them to an army barracks I thought in California is that right. Yes but those yes but those people who had not been quarantined for the fourteen days. I Sweden totally isolated. So so my feeling is that one. We hit that fourteen day mark on February nineteenth. We'll be less likely to be carrying the virus thing anyone else. I'd be afraid on that trip back an airplane. I make sure very careful who gets Sunday right. Like who are you well? We we know I was GonNa say we know you have a lot more to do but We really appreciate you being on the show and when you get back let us know because I'd love to to meet with you and and Make sure you're okay until your Wifi for us. I will I. Will I appreciate that. You Guys Take Care Karl Take Care of yourself thank you bye. That's crazy stuff. Tony in Japan. They said that. There's now I think it's at forty F- forty cases in Japan. That's what scares me. I mean it's Like he said he thinks it's way higher than that they're saying and and it's not that it scares me because like. I said we've heard the bird flu and Ebola so many things that have came before but these this this one is growing. Things are the speed of this speed because we had Linda on and and I had listened to her show and it was like at eight hundred people in a weak leader which you came on our show it was like an eight thousand right and now here. We are two weeks later. Words Sixty five thousand that we know of which the doctor and everybody else seems to be. Feeling that it's actually quite higher than the numbers that are giving out at least out of China so it's the rate that spreads and additionally Mortality Rate. Yeah all those other people have the flu. But they're not dying at two and a half percent right if you get this two and a half percent of them die. I like like he said two hundred eighteen people now on the ship are infected in twenty four hours. They're gonNA come out and they're going to say to thirty five or whatever. It is so at some point. Your number's up very well. Of course you know two percent and that's a di- but to at least get infection you know I mean that that's the concern so all right. Well we'll keep up on this and if we have any more breaking news about this we'll try to get some more information Out To you guys. If you have any questions please always leave. Comments Really Appreciate Carl. Goldman go to hometown station DOT COM and in Dr Robert Winters Infectious Disease Doctor for having both of those guys on taking their time out of the absolute and We appreciate you guys tuning in until next time. I'm twenty suite with Kipton Ron for Tributo takes case..

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