Dan Lefevour, Three Years discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show - #8650: Jason and Brittany Paid Off $700K! (Yes. $700K.)


When you make that kind of money but it's just going out the door and there's you you have the financial hangover the sense of this sense of i'm outta control and i can't get in control and it's just all formats nope it's it's not a fun place to live is coming hard on your relationship kind of maybe probably briefly we're supporting kedric here and fed it it's a confidence back and forth in that like when dan lefevour you defender and clearly go on and when line at the end now let on and that you learned as well here's what you just need to go through financial patient personally okay with that price okay now we know this depth now we know everything it's like you said we doubt do we don't do it down and that's my theory yet they could play that are that off and left then three years yeah but we're not and that play feel like you need what what a what do you think i think it's going to take because you're not dump the plumbing your intellectually able to grasp the right so what is that what you think it's going to make apps no i mean yes caught up i don't want you guys to have to like getting financial trouble to wake you up i would rather just the shame over this wake you up schein i think i think where they're not play and i believe it's just that the hard hitting because the i love protocol so it's going down to say it and it in and then sink on you don't have it and i think you know i do think yeah i'm i'm telling among take your back after talking to for a long.

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