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For low income children and it's paid for with federal and state funds federal funding for chip expired in september and many states are getting close to the point where they can no longer keep paying for it in virginia for example letters are going out on december first notifying the families of sixty six thousand children that they are expected to lose coverage in january npr sarah maccammon rights and legal campaigners have questioned a high court ruling in zimbabwe saying the military takeover leading to robert mugabe's resignation was lawful and not a coup and of februirk was darken has the latest zimbabwean high court judge george tuition ruled that the minitry's actions intervening to stop robert mugabe's authority being taken over by unelected individuals presumably including his wife what constitutionally permissible and lawful friday the judge also declared null and void mugabe's decision to former vice president embassy in phnom gagua who's now zimbabwe's new president the court decisions have raised concerns the minitry is demonstrating undue influence over the judiciary in a tweet southern africa director for human rights watch there were mavinga described the court rulings as incredible warning of a strange captured judiciary in zimbabwe of heavy acquis stockton npr news harry the national park service is extending the public comment period on a proposal that would increase fees at some of the nation's most popular parks and pure as nathan rot has details the proposed fee increase would affect the national park service's seventeen most popular parks during their peak seasons there would mean the cost of entry for a at a place like yellowstone yosemite or or a katya would more than double the interior department says if the increase is necessary to help the national park service address longstanding infrastructure projects in budget shortfalls but many lawmakers and ten state attorneys general have criticized the plan saying it will price people out of the parks that are intended to be for the enjoyment and benefit of all to accommodate.

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