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Not this past week, but the one before. So you're going to need another body for inside linebacker at some point. So it I just don't know that the answer is going to be someone who's thirty four, the steelers doing their due diligence I know they brought in somebody yesterday linebacker the plate for ball state they'll be looking around. The have another player at the position at some point whether he's on the active roster practice squad remains to be seen. So. But yeah, the reason I said I wasn't sure what Kevin's filming was is because I've already started get articles ready for tomorrow for the website and we have a really good article coming out tomorrow. I assume we're, GONNA rise tomorrow. I loved it. Jeffrey. Did another film room. I. Liked it so much because I mean the title of it alone sold me the title of it alone sold me and and that was. It was of course steelers, film room. Jeff might change this title but I hope he keeps it Ben Roethlisberger and the terrible horrible. No good. Very bad RPO. where he broke down those plays where the steelers were running the run pass option and how they need to. Just you know it's not working to the strength of your quarterback you're not running at the same because your quarterback. You might just. Mine, but they ran the same one three times. I, don't want to spoil it. You've got to read this article tomorrow. So we've get off their article get super. Join. Because, we've got to ninety nine in the super chat coming in from. From. That dexin plays I am and. He says Diong says Dion Jones for a trade third round pick Michael. Beck. Did an article about some possible trades steelers could do before the trade deadline, which is, which is two weeks away from it would have been. It's two weeks from four four o'clock this Bass Aftab this. Past afternoon there I got it out. Election Day if you if that matters to you four o'clock on election day November third but. We also did an article of possible free agents out there. Some people gave slacked because one of the names on the list was. I don't even say the name. But the last name. rhymes with perfect. You know what I mean I I even. Jeff deficit capacity. I said, can we throw something in there like please don't talk this list. Sears considerations, my goodness look last name or the listed you should know that not all these options you know that's not really an option but there are some options out there i. don't know that the steelers exploring an option that someone that they're going to have to call on to. Start or play. Yes they did that with when she's here went down that they brought in someone from the outside rather than play they had. But that was also because they lost Tyler Medicaid in the same game and so that was part of the issue there. So I think the steelers are going to see what they can do with the guys that they have to start. But also look they're going to other depth pieces and who knows maybe you find that diamond in the rough so. Anything else you WANNA. Say about inside linebacker before Roland some offense. Now I'd give him some time on the bright side. Here's you nary but he's been seeing Kevin. Kobe praises with the latest draft. Back. Last year the MINKA trade and that. They're going to figure out what they can do. Yeah. And whatever they do, they're going to be happy with we may not be happy with. Later on him I wish they'd done. They had done it difficult decision that make breakdown in they're going to be happy with I mean. Right away on our slack channel Michael Beck asked, hey, any chance they could try to coax Luke Cleopatra Retirement and I'm like. Panther still his rights as far as I, know I haven't I couldn't find that they don't. So I'm like something like that would is intriguing but you know I also think that because part of what my article said today is splaying. Out graded. Devon Bush look. So, and it was in coverage that he was. What he was grading high in and and But. It's a very small sample size. Let's get more to sample won't. We'll see about what it comes to Tennessee. So. Let's get back to talk about 'cause we can take this topic of what the show is. Tonight, we're going to talk about it from this past week and we're still going. To look forward and that is efficiency. This was your idea. Official. One Jefferson Hartman helped me. Dress up a little bit of course, it was efficiency not extravagance is key to the steelers offense. What do you mean? What do you take that as rich? What what was the point you were ultimately wanting to make with this? Okay. Well, what I looked at what when you know? The game ended together thing finished for knee jerk. In first thing I did is dive went diving into the stats. Okay. And it's like oh my gosh. Only three or four one, sixty, eight one, hundred, seventy yards. Yeah. It's a team we only ran for one, hundred, twenty, nine yards. That wasn't totally blowing it up. In either. Part of the. Game. How in the world that we score thirty eight points well, I I'll take off seven A. Tribute to the defense. Thank you Mike Fitzpatrick A. Book but still it's thirty one points..

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