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For seven years men were vanishing from Toronto's gay village community, always suspected serial killer, and they were right and the new season of uncover the village host Justin Ling investigates to spates of brutal murderers, forty years apart. Listen and subscribe to uncover wherever you get your podcasts. The following story contained sensitive and disturbing details. It's not suitable for children. We have an extensive search in Birmingham area we have utilized both the sheriff's office. And we have also the task force. It is presently working on the other crimes other crimes that have committed the Oakland County area. Yes. Abba, work schedule to do a lot of things that that be normal person. Can't do he's clean. We think. We we think we're looking for somebody in a white collar class or professional class something of that nature. Welcome back to shattered. I'm Jeremy Ellen. Chief Tobin still thinks there's someone out there who has information about the killer. And he's hoping that person will come forth with that information without that information, he fears the only way they're going to find the murderer is if he strikes again, and at this point, nobody wants that it had been six days since king was last seen at the hunter maple pharmacy in Birmingham, drugstore, youngster salt about three blocks. The search for TIMMY king was at a fever pitch. The task force asked everyone to keep a lookout including postal workers as they deliver the mail. Why a day or should anything out there? They should be able to dissolve everybody Kenyan h gale audible eight this mobile at the incisions with CB radio radios in their cars became part of the search as well. I don't think it's been going. And it's been interesting. There other has made it kind of nasty that drive around your do you're looking year. But doing the very best we can find this missing youngster. On the night of the sixth day. The searching would stop finally on March twenty second author keenum five or six days after Tim had gone missing. Two kids driving down Gill road near eight mile. In farmington. And they see I think they see Tim's red hockey jacket. Tuesday, March twenty second nineteen seventy seven right around eleven pm to makings body is found in a shallow. Ditch. The body of the young land down there. Timothy canaan. Former Birmingham police officer Jack called flesh was at the scene that night. He addressed a massive reporter sometime after midnight. Early to tell and we're not going to second guess the land. The medical exotic. No obvious signs, gentlemen. We have stayed back. Let the crime lab people do their job in. We only got most enough to give the tentative identification. How long do you think he's been that might give no answer your some background to the body was found? No, I can't at this time. We received our call lavonia stating a body had been found and the clothing description was similar to that of are missing. Boy. Timmy's body was in a ditch about three hundred sixty feet south of eight mile road in the Bonia. This location is important for many reasons lavonia is not an Oakland County. But instead it's neighboring Wayne County this meant a whole new department. New prosecutor's office would be introduced to the case. I received the call from the station at eleven thirty, you know, whether or not the Livonia fire department tried to revive the body when they found, and I do not is it true red jagged skateboarders bonded with the body. Understand. The fact I know I saw the red jacket and green pants and the shoes all tentative identification is there. What are you? About signs of violence on the body. And then look like anything. Stabbing shooting anything like that. No open signs that we can see from our position in the middle of the road. The sheriff's department has this area blocked off. So people to work. Checking license numbers and cars early to see perhaps that there's a suspect in the area. Gentlemen. We're doing a number of things that we can't release this time. I still feel the most important aspect of the investigation and get this animal off the street.

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