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I personally at. Yes we we. By the time you hear this. We actually will have been to to weddings. We went from having no social obligations to to weddings two weeks apart. The first one that we went to both of these are for say. Brian's people they're both are people but you know what. I mean when you get invited to a wedding. It's like is this someone on your side or my side. Kind of and the first one was in newport rhode island so lovely memorial weekend when it poured was freezing but we had a wonderful weekend and the wedding was outside in the pouring in the cold. They were such troopers and made the best of it and had fun. So yeah i say that because it was outside. No one more masks. The staff was wearing masks the servers and all that But we were outside. And so i was like sweet. I feel great about this I wasn't concerned and the one. So when you listen to this we will have just attended it. I'm recording this on wednesday. June ninth The wedding is this weekend. Which when you're hearing this we'll have been last week so Actually don't know if that one. I think it's inside because it's in a church I actually. I don't know the rules about masks. Vaccines proof of vaccination. I'm not sure I'll check with brian. it is it's among island. So were i will be at the mini ten k. Saturday morning and then immediately driving out to long island probably doing everything. We can not at a speeding ticket to make it to the wedding on time. So that's going to be a busy day for us But looking forward to seeing it we'll get to see brian's mom and sister which will be really nice so Yeah i would say overall it gets good. It feels hopeful that you know to see fall races on the calendar. I mean gosh should be going to new york for the mini. Like i feel optimistic. I guess i just like. I want us all to be friends and hugging and everyone getting along again and i think in my mind i'm like oh when the pandemic's fully over we'll all go back to being friends again in the reality is like well. It wasn't like that before. But that's me with my rose colored glasses on at all times sparkly rose colored glasses hot pink colored glasses as i discussed so. It's it's certainly is optimistic though just like to not have that fear to not have so much of the unknown to feel the hope and the possibility and just like to be out and see people you know. We haven't done anything too crazy but yeah we went to a wedding and it felt like a normal night and that was really really wonderful so I'm i'm optimistic. And i'm hopeful and if the pandemic taught me anything it really is. This is cheesy but to live in the moment. It's to appreciate the day that we're in today and not think so much about what's next week. What's next month when when they're things going to be different and i know it's easy for me to say that kind of being on the other side but i will tell you like you said my early thoughts were raw and unfiltered and i was in that state for a long time. And that's an. I struggled and at times i felt really dramatic sharing some of that but I appreciate you calling and talking about it. Because i did have a feeling that maybe some people could really marin similar head space so had a hard time for a while it was constantly thinking about. What's next what's the future. Where are we gonna live. What are we going to do. And now that we are settled it. Yeah of course it feels wonderful And i just hope that we stay eli's barking her face off in the background probably sees a ball legal outside. oh she's so lucky so blessed so yeah. I am hopeful that that will be your reality soon. And i'm sending you so much love and keep food lawyering amazing at what you do and i hope you get to be back with your colleagues soon and not working from home unless you love working from home in which case i hope you get to keep zooming with your colleagues or just not seeing them at all like whatever do you. You're amazing and i'm sending a lot of love to anyone out there who is feeling stress and anxiety and uncertainty with all of this You know i still have those days to. It's not all sunshine sparkly hot pink. Wrap this up. I see what's going on with ellie. I kind of go make sure that. Brian's upgrade in the garden out there next question. I ali this is stephen. I'm and santa. Monica california longtime listener for fan caller. I i suspect one question. I would just like to know how your friendships are coming along with the llamas and that would inspire newhouse. Let me know theodora great terrier voice. Thank you so much for calling. Theodore blanchfield is also a former guest on the alley on the run show. Why do i want to say it was around like episode sixty. I think emma coburn was episode. Sixty i dunno. I guessing here but the door was on the show a couple years ago. So check it out She loves llamas. Hence this question so when we were living at my parents house and at the house. I grew up. There's a llama farm two doors down. And so yes i bond with those llamas. They're wonderful. There's even allama named allie not not named after me but there's a llama named alley and expo and sunny and dunkin and last year baby was born named honey. And now there's a new baby named cola cola. I always forget if it's kona or cola cola with a k. Very kardashian of that lama so they're super sweet and when we were leaving my parents house and to move into this house and again it's not far. We're gonna be there all the time. But i'm like oh i won't get to run by the llamas every day and usually they come right up to the road. They come right up to the fence and they love people expo. He loves people loves when you give him baby carrots so yeah. I certainly bonded with those llamas and was sad that they're not going to be a part of my running route anymore so this week as we've gotten into a something of a groove and i've been experimenting with new running routes which holy cow is so hilly here This house is on the top of the hill which means in any direction mile. One is awesome because you go down. i mean. Our old house was on the hill to but nothing compared to where we are. Now this is bunkers. I have yet to run the final mile of any run if done because in any direction that he'll coming home is intense. So what was i saying. Okay yes fortunately we now live down. The road from alpacas couple drawbacks number one. I don't know the owners yet. Obviously i plan to get to know them. They're set back a little bit from the road. So i will have to trespass on their property in order to pursue this friendship. I will gauge. How comfortable i am with that. It looks like they recently had their driveway paved and so it's roped off but i'm not going to let that deter my friendship on thinking one day the owners of the house and of the packers. They'll be outside. They'll be getting the mail they'll be doing stuff with the lawn. They'll be doing an outdoor fitness routine. Whatever it is. And i'll be running by and i'll be like hi. Your driveway looks great. Great paving job. And they'll be like that's a strange question or statement but thank you and they'll think i'm gonna keep running but i'm gonna stop and i am going to come on strong with the friendship because if there's one thing that i'm good at it's being overly friendly to the point of making people uncomfortable so i think that's how many get to know the alpacas Because i'm sad that i'm not gonna get to see cola grow up every day. There's nothing like a little lama with its wobbly legs. Well there. are things like that. Giraffes are like that. Probably lots of animals are like that. But i'm just thrilled. That i will continue to live on streets with wonderful delightful farm animals. Thank you for asking come visit. I'm gonna keep offering for people to come visit and one of these days. Someone's gonna show up here that i don't know it's.

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