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Welcome back to the armaments Health hour. This is Donnelly and Dr Mystery has stepped away. So I wanted to bring in our special guests we've had on in the past, but welcome back. Dr Freeman. Thanks. Hi. How are you today? Never better. Thank you so much for coming back. We appreciate it. I thought it would be great to bring you back in and talk all about things. Dr. Freeman, Downtown Doctor. I think the word diva should be in there because you are very diva. I am appreciative eye shadow the glitter. Tell me about your history. I want people to know especially through downtown. How you got into medicine. What was your favorite part? I know you were going to talk about being an austere path. Tell me Tell me Tell me I'm board certified in family medicine. I got into medicine late in life, so to speak. I had already graduated from college undergrad. I was not pre med. I was Ah, ski instructor and professional mountain bike racer living in a teepee in Crested Butte, Colorado. Fascinating and I started thinking, What can I do to engage my brain and have a career that would be mentally and intellectually stimulating? Because as much as I love a great ski day, that was getting a little a little on the excitement, and your dad was a doctor. My dad was a doctor, and he's a retired orthopedic surgeon. I don't give him any credit for me wanting to be a doctor, because the hours that he worked and the way he didn't have any life outside of medicine was of no interest to me. Now we have come full circle. And as you know, I talk with my lovely daddy. Every night on. We enjoy talking about Ortho cases or really anything medicine that that's a really fun bonding thing That is not politics and not a heated subject. So if we're talking about something, we start to get heated, one of us is going to say. Medicine. So this tennis invited us on his hand because he was a and specialists. I was like, OK, great. We're switching gears Find so the downtown doctor clinic is an urgent care walk in clinic because I have a history of training in emergency medicine. People can also established care for us to be their primary care, doctor. I didn't know that before. Hey, it's good to know. I thought it was more just urgent care. I imagine you're treating a whole bunch of fun downtown millennials lot of downtown millennials. Most of our patients are in their thirties. That's our main demographic. People are living downtown. More and more as you know, every time a condo. Gets built. We pop the cork on a bottle of champagne. If you've got a pulse, you need a doctor, and we're super convenient. There's not a lot of doctors downtown. I think I'm the only one. I feel like that. I'm the only one. You just put that up there. I just don't see that many clinics. Years is the best one for sure. Your look anywhere. We're right at West Linn and fifth Savino or Jeffries is I like to say if you tuck and roll it. Jeffries Wealth in Westland. Shout to learn McGuire. You're welcome Your roll right into my doors are doors face. The Land Rover dealership were across from l. A royal lot of people are familiar with that fun sign. But all Royal does every day. That's right. Lots of free covered parking, which is a role bonus. I'm a doctor of osteopathy. So if you look at my name, it'll say Georgie and Freeman Dio and you might ask yourself Why doesn't say MD because we know she's a board certified family medicine medical doctor. And the reason is an austere path is a little different than an MD. We have the same training I have to take the same courses. We passed the same board exams. I did an MD residency training at the University of Washington in Seattle at Osteopathic Medical School. Osteopathic Medical School is a little different from MD medical school in that we have an extra class and something called osteopathy and y'all out there because I know you're smart know that osteo means bone and so you're probably thinking that how'd you with the bones? I mean, of course, the bones. Every doctor's involved in that we are A chiropractor, MD combination, So we know how to do manipulation for the body, much like a chiropractor. I would say a chiropractor, physical therapist combo and throw a little massage therapy and they're kind of like a superhero. Kind of like a superhero. Hence the cave out there in radio City that I'm wearing a very sparkly cabe. And I look like a young Sophia Loren. So just get that polish my going away. So you feel better? Yeah. So gossip as we tend to be holistic. We tend to be naturally oriented. At the same time. We also have the card in our back pocket to prescribe any medications that any medical doctor would order any testing. I do minor surgical procedures in the clinic. I'm very adept with Bo Tox and the fillers like to the term really good with flips and cheeks. We also do Bo talks for headaches, which is a therapeutic modality for folks who suffer with migraine. Headaches. We see a lot of people with migraine headaches because we also do IV's in the clinic, which is super unusual. I've never heard of another primary care clinic that does lives in the clinic. So if you get dehydrated, whether that's from party your hangover downtown, you having a little bit of that downtown or your super athletic, and there's a lot of overlap from people. I know my drink a little too much. How fast How does that work? If somebody comes in dehydrated from working out or running or drinking, or whatever you sit down in a chair in your office, and you're popping ivy and 30 minutes later, you feel fine. I asked folks to give us an hour. I like Teo under promise and over deliver, and I also want people to be relaxed. So what people find as they come in because they're dehydrated or there have a lot of cramping. They're not really sure what's going on. They may not know that they're dehydrated. But we may diagnose that. And then we talk about an ivy. Then we let him back in these NASA created zero gravity chairs, and I like to put a little way to lavender infused a pillow on the highs from a lot of times. People say I love the ivy, but also just love that. I got to check out for about minutes of my busy day, people. Go on Hydra asleep for a few minutes. Then we wake him up. And if there's drool, we don't judge. We just hand him a tissue discreetly, and they feel better. And we feel better. So someone will get go A little later She got a remember That guy who came in and drooled lavender. So how many patients do you see a day? And do you have other providers in your space? Yeah, sure. Do. I've got a lovely nurse practitioner Rose Duran and each of us see about 20 patients a day, which means that we have time. I'm with our patients, and we really enjoy that. We're not interested in being a mill. There are plenty of corporate clinics in the Austin area or any urban area where people want to have that big box experience. They can have that if people want more of a personal approach, and to really get to know their providers and a fun environment there. Welcome toe. Jump us out the downtown doctor downtown. We still have fun. I well, I'm not going to say Hold. I am cut. Southern ladies aren't supposed todo. I'll say that I'm over 30 And absolutely love coming to work every day, and I know a lot of doctors don't feel that way. I wish every doctor still felt that way. I'm super grateful for that, In large part. That's our patients. We have a super fun clientele have a fabulous team. You have a nice group. I've been in there before dropping off cards and they don't know who I am. And I don't now somewhere the doctor's office and I'm testing you, but I know when you do that as a provider, or somebody working in the medical clinic. Kind of check out the staff and what's going on. When I went in a few times to drop off cards and just say thank you for the referrals your staff's been super nice and drug reps will become my patients. And I think that is just the biggest compliment Other doctors and nurses Because when you're in the healthcare field, you do have that I and you know what to look for him. Listen, you are in a good place. So what about like extras imaging on site? Do you all do that? There? We don't do. Imaging on site. Touchstone and area are really close by. I have a good relationship with them..

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