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Officer Paul Rutherford struck and killed by a truck last week while investigating a crash is thank Chris spoke yesterday outside of viewing and mass and Avondale spend really hard in the communities making a lot easier. The Phoenix police departments making a lot easier. Traffic is going to be heavy around sixty seventh avenue. Happy Valley road starting around eight o'clock, you can expect restrictions and closures also the procession from the church to Phoenix memorial park and cemetery up again sometime around eleven thirty toll noon, you can expect restrictions on the eastbound what what why have in the north west valley. I'm cross KTAR news at six thirty one. Here's detour Dan from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center now the traffic picture. At this very moment. Could be worse. But it's a little bumpy out. They're not gonna pull any punches on here on the two zero two red mountain freeway. You already have an early morning wreck. Eastbound east a priest off, right? And on the Santan, you still have to Rex working one of the southbound side near Elliott off. Right and another one on the two zero two Santan westbound near Lindsay this went off to the left approaching Gilbert robot, all lanes remain open on these these state Rifkind one southbound at the two zero two I ten mini stack wreck off to the right? And now a wreck on the westbound west of Warner that collision off to the left. We've also got a couple of service street problems. One is a closure of Thomas eastbound at fifty first avenue for a serious wreck. Their other collisions at grant street. It is on a teen Chandler boulevard at the one on one price and Buckeye at one hundred seven th avenue. We do have thirty minute ride. Now, southbound seventeen Peoria down to the I ten split. There's more ride times coming this traffic report brought to you by Mahindra USA. The biggest savings ever are here from Andhra this week.

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