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Freaky little pitch pat story dan mind round okay so y'all have three hours worth as you uncover all these cuts worse mokhehle's ain't is that is that like a vague look at the vatican ready yeah uh you also is bad for you spoke doam coup smoked dope i'm really coup okay els when he process acquitting yep elena quit smoking ills in the process of saying he's quitting yeah i support she's not an i'm going to quit i have to quit i'm getting married she told me that we're not getting married on the sites quit smoking which of course is a bullshit reason acquit but down you should want to quit because you don't want to die what was your ultimatumlike like you know i women give your ultimatumlike uk you can't be fucking on other women anymore we're mary light so what's the gal to maitum like you know i didn't really have to tell me that particularly she did she all wife had to say that than me that was that that that that was something and i was pretty clear from the beginning got a new mouse fuzzy yeah i was i was a fuzzy on alex rubbish money it's the smoking yeah she's like you have to yes she added with basically the whole what are you going to your alternate of no like you had ultimately me i'll really she's a you have to say like well you gotta put more fucking pep recall your chicken or any extra sauce on my rice 'cause i'm giving up smoking by you need another indulgence southfield.

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