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Find your whistle whistle, of course, metaphor for what is your gift and my gift happens to be whistling. But everyone has a gift and what I've discovered is that the key is to find what you're. It is and trying to make the world a better place, but not the whole world. But just the person next to you to worry about one person at a time. So have you have you recorded an album of whistling. I have I this is insane. I actually hired a forty piece Symphony Orchestra and we did Mozart's oboe concerto. So I was the oboe. I was not the walrus. I was the oboe. And so yeah, it actually works. Well. What what is doing the anthem? A lot of people think that's a very hard song to sing the national anthem. A- hard song to whistle. What are the hard songs? The easy songs. The national anthem is challenging in that. Everyone knows it. So you've got to do it. Well. What's interesting about taking a piece everyone knows? Well, how do you make it your own? So I've had to interpret it and arrange it for my instrument, which is lip or Russell, right. And then dude in a way that people find it to be interesting, but respectful at the same time. So so that's a that's challenging in that regard their highs and their lows in it on my CD, I've got Mozart's oboe concerto. That is very hard piece because it's twenty two minutes long. And it's just. So that's crazy. And then you've got, you know, your simple tunes. You know, the Andy Griffith theme song, for example. But it's like life at the mailbag names on. But then it's what you do with it. How do you arrange it for your instrument to make it interesting? So do you do you play piano or music? Are you musically gifted other than the whistling sort of? So I sing well, I'm not a soloist. I'm good on samba singer. Right. But that's what taught me how to be a good musician. So the key with being a musician. Whether you're playing a tuba, a Whistler, or you're an opera singer is how do you take notes and turn them into music, which is all about interpretation shaping in the like? So for example, if they're what choir taught me is that if you have a repeated phrase, so it's the same notes. But maybe the different words if it's a choir. How do you do it differently? The second time. Time. So that it's interesting. It's not just, you know, a cut in pay. You're doing AB your your. Yeah. Exactly. You don't wanna cut in pay. So choir taught me how to do interpret music. And so for example, I do song from guys and dolls luck eighty and there's a phrase in there. That's repeated five times in a row. Well, you got to come up with a way to do it. So it's interesting. So I developed these funky techniques were so I can whistle with my lips the traditional whistle, but I can also with with with my tongue. But if you go. And at the same time you get. So give you an embarrassment or if you go Wiwa, and you got. So these are Bella Schmitz that can get birds light on your shoulder. People magazine many years ago, and they said we wanna put you in a tree whistling at birds. And I said, well, how about I hold a bird cage. So they had me hold parakeet. And I was whistling in the bird was like, you're you're weird, dude. School. What do people ask for most? I mean, I'm sure that if you're performing someone will ask for something. They typically ask for the basic. You know, the Andy Griffith theme song because they don't know any better. It's rare that someone would walk up to me and say can you perform Beethoven's fifth symphony. I would never ever think that I can whistle can do bridge on the River Kwai. Yeah. So I can whistle. Kind of anything is a tune to it. If it's a very melodic. And I know it I can typically whistle. But one time I met this Japanese guy, he didn't speak in English. I didn't speak any Japanese. But we figured out that we both love Beethoven and for forty five straight minutes. We whistle Beethoven's symphonies together. So we didn't speak a word, but that music transcended language barrier, close encounters of the third guy..

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