President Trump, Murray, Schofield discussed on Global News Podcast - Russia and China veto Syria sanctions


Police marksmen his show up to people by accident during his speech by president alone a correspondent you schofield spoke to us from powers the president was delivering a speech in a mark in the southwest from his first goal of you don't know it was an old rating he did you d frustrated i which is going from toward a border here delivering the speed and then you here in the background and a bang the looking going the ducks but it millions quite there but not enough to complete he put him off the stripe and he keyed he keeps talking and that keeps total the end of the speech when he goes and discovers what has happened what what what's happened is that there is a marksmen the pace marksmen on a roof of the building about a hundred me twos away his job of course is to protect the president and keep an eye out friend in a very in affairs getting zone he's ranked it seems that he was in the position which and which is i'm comfortable here he was he was shifting his position and he slipped in some way and and flipping five he's weapon and the board it went it was the gun was boarding played in the direction of the marky the the but it went into the maki but not a bit with a president was but in for the next told it went there was the kind of food and drink reception being prepared for me to and then to put it hit two people but luckily only in the no when they when someone doesn't just as a great space other one was it i think properly and an overnight but and then he's not neither and injuries serious about that was that was that but i mean the the the president went met the people often dude you need to know and old as well but obviously it's it's worrying and investigations being set up and down and they're down this ball but murray to do police marksmen is having a very very uncomfortable with the evening that you scare failed and to end the podcast a story about to amateur.

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