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And are eager to help shape policy for the betterment of mankind. Well, I just want this to be over. But how We respond to the urgency of this moment, and the lessons we take from the last year will go a long way toward collecting the longstanding problems of our health system and preventing new tragedies from occurring. These next few months are critical, and we must allow science to lead the way. This means he didn't the advice of scientists and experts by continuing to wear masks outside the home. Wash your hands and to physically distance as much as possible. It's been inspiring to say physicians and health care workers around the country post photos on social media after receiving their vaccinations. Share photos of violent initial shot a couple of weeks ago and I had this continues to remind people that we are all in this together. When it comes time for everyone to get the vaccine. It's critical that we have the facts straight and that we communicate them. Clearly, the vaccines made available by the FDA were authorized by using all the necessary checks and balances and the scientific rigor that we require of any vaccine. Just like the ones that have brought an end to widespread transmission of polio, smallpox and the measles scientists and researchers who authorized fact Dean are not driven by political agendas. They're perfect by vigorous standards for safety and efficacy by the importance of their work. They know that science can't save lives and and suffering. We know this is a challenging time for many Americans, and that there's miss information circulated widely around the Internet. But there are also many credible fact based resource is provided by the CDC, the FDA and others about the vaccine process and what led us here because at the end of the day when it's your turn to get the vaccine Your only remaining questions should be left arm or right. Where they won't get through the final months of this pandemic by wishing it were over the stakes for far too high. Any progress has an important role to play elected positions. Policymakers, public health officials, positions journalists and the public at large. We have to remain strong instead fast and we have to adhere to the advice of experts and scientists who will continue to light our way. Thank you, Mike. Thank you, Dr Bailey. Once again, we're pleased to accept questions from our journalists tuning in today to submit a question, please email headliners at press dot organ. And now let's go toe some of the questions that have been submitted by our journalists, members of the National Press Club. Our first question and it addresses. Um, What you've just been talking about is the national strategy. The AM A is urging the Biden administration to Take different than what President elect Biden is proposing. And if so, how? Well I'm not sure I can completely answer that question at this point in time. My understanding is that the but administration is going to release its formal plans later on this week. We are a little bit concerned about the announcement that HHS will not hold back vaccine doses to make sure that everyone who's gotten their first dose that will have a second dose in reserve. We really don't have adequate data to tell us if one dose is sufficient. We don't think it is on how long you can wait for your second dose without losing the benefits of the first dose. But we really need the federal government to help local providers where they are. Some communities are doing a pretty good job of rolling out the vaccine. Now some communities are not the rural areas. In fact, I talked to a patient this morning even though in President Am I still seeing patients on a regular basis, and there was one pharmacy in her entire county. That was administering vaccines, and she didn't know when she was gonna be able to get hurt, So it's important that we make sure that vaccine is available to everyone when they need it. And there's many concerns about equitable distribution. President of the American Medical Association Dr Susan Bailey, She's joined by the president Press club Michael Friedman, substantive set of recommendations for the incoming Biden administration. We're a year into this now, is there Is there a feeling that I that one year in now? We need to retool and put new engines on an airplane that's already in the air there. Challenges along the way there. How do you see this? Playing out. Oh, I think the plan in the air just needs more fuel. Um, I believe that health care workers are doing all they can to take care of critically ill covered 19 patients in hospitals. We need to make sure we put more fuel in the system by making sure that those health care providers have the PPE that they need. Even though the numbers are much better. They were at the beginning of the pandemic. There still Shortages of Peopie. It's still being conserved very carefully, and positions that are not in hospital based settings are having a hard time competing with large health systems for the same units of P P. E. It can't compete with them on price or quantity. We do think that we need to fuel the system to keep the vaccine production going. We need to make. We think that there's going to be plenty of vaccine. But when that vaccine is going to be available is going to be very important to local health authorities so that they could then plan their administration plans on. We need to continue to view fuel the ongoing vaccine trials. There are two that may come up. For FDA review in February. We hope and there's even more down the line on. I think we're going to need all the tools in our toolbox to t defeat this, so I don't I don't think we need to retool the plane. We just need to make sure it's got enough gas to get to the finish line, so we don't need new engines. We just need more fuel. Tonto Fire up. I'm gonna go back to something that you mentioned earlier in a question that has come in President Elect Biden as you mentioned plans. To accelerate vaccination distribution when he takes office and release all available doses of the two dose visor and maternal.

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