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It's all you gotta do it will make it nice and easy. Do you have any final thoughts as to last night? Anybody on the Philly side you want to jump in on the situation? Yes, we should briefly touch on cork lament versus Wendell Smallwood. It came out right before the game that Philadelphia after declaring how healthy in great Corey Clemente is looked that they are going to put them on a snap count. It happened. He played thirty six percent of the snaps compared to windows small woods sixty two percent, but it is very clear while Smallwood is fine, and he is functional for the offense. Corey Clement is the much better runner with the extended or not the like the the fo by that comes after Thursday night game core. Clement is the running back clemen is a far superior running back. He's better for their what, what they wanna do. I think he's clearly the goal line guy. Got it. Yesterday, the the worry. He is with them, they will blitz clearing cap space. I worry about them bringing in another running with whether that's Leshan McCoy or someone else. But in the meantime, we we can't know that I do want Corey Clement that that's that's the back I, I wanna make sure I've got. Yeah. And when I news came out and the game started in small Smallwood is getting all the carries. My hope was inside of the twenty. It would be it. That's what it was. He had three receptions, two small woods one, and he's the more talented player. They design more place for him in the screen game. So he got you at touchdown last night. So if you were, if you started in, then you freaked out. He saved you eleven for forty three, and then another twenty six yards in the receiving game. Wince was great. He starting to kind of come around. I in a part of that probably is the giants lack of effort towards agree. What is your outlook for our Sean Jeffrey because what we're used to from our Sean Jeffrey is four receptions, but. Huge yardage on those like four seventy five win with the possibility of touchdown. However, he is turned into an absolute target, monster, twelve targets this in this game, he was over double digit targets the past week, or I was there. I've been very impressed with him. I'm super impressed with the way they're utilizing him on design plays like it's not just down the field. It's a slant pass. It's at the line of scrimmage. I know the touchdown at the lions and a screenplay at the line of scrimmage. So he's clearly Vigo to guy in every way, shape and form for this team and outside of him. I mean, it's him and hurts. Those are the guys that are gonna Twenty-one targets last night between the two of them. Nobody else had more than five all alone. I feel great about Jeffrey twelve top twelve guy. Yeah, I think you should feel if you got him late, you're you're feeling great right now. Right. Let's get into some injuries. Are you in. All right. What do you guys think Shawn Watson. It'll be in? Yeah, he's dealing with that chest injury after he got a Nyalali over and over and over and over, but he will play at the running back position. Matt Breda is doubtful. I don't expect them to point. No, he's not gonna play. Isaiah Crowell. This one's interesting if he does not practice today and we don't have news yet as were recording, then you off. He's in serious doubt. If he doesn't issue did not practice Wednesday or Thursday, Wednesday, it seemed like you'd be in now. It's definitely you gotta wait, you thought it was just rest after the the big weekend, marshawn Lynch hill play. He always play Adrian Peterson. He will play to miss Thompson. I think he'll play as limited. So he'll play devante Freeman, I do not believe he plays..

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