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A tag team match, not a title win. Yeah, come on. Grow up. I really wish Rhonda did not return now because then Sasha would, you know, probably would have beaten Charlotte at WrestleMania. Yeah, and that would have been a big deal to get your first WrestleMania win. Right. Against Charlotte, becoming the champion. Yeah. That would have been great. But no, she's gonna be a tag champ with Naomi. Yeah. Good God. Next up we have an in ring promo from Becky Lynch and she's Gollum now because she calls her championship her precious. Yeah, yeah. She was like, this is my precious. And she says, Bianca, you don't want to lose your soul, but I've already sold mine, and I'd sell it again to keep this on my shoulder, and then she does that Bible verse. Like, what does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul? Yeah? So, hell of a promo. It's a good promo. So I can great. Just sat in a chair. Yeah, I loved it. I liked her outfit, too. With the glasses. She looked great. Yeah. Next up, oh, we have a, we finally have a date for veer to come. Is coming and we finally know when he's gonna come. Yeah. And it's the right after mania. I have never been more happy that I'm not attending a raw after mania. That's your big fucking surprise. Oh, dude, beer. When veer comes, I'm gonna come. I might stay in Dallas and other numbs, just to come with this. I just wanna come with beer. Yeah. And good God, they're gonna have to sell ponchos in the front row. You know, it's gonna be like a fucking Gallagher show. One of our fans was like, well, it says April 4th, but it doesn't say a year on that date. Oh, that's true. It could be next year. Yeah, we're off to mania. Next year. And also, you know, there's a chance we're like, he doesn't date. They've done this before. Correct, where they've given dates for people's debuts and that it doesn't happen. Correct. I'm pretty sure that happened with xia Li, correct. Yeah. Yeah. So there's a good chance this doesn't happen. Right. But that'll be that 6 months. That's got to be the record. It has to be the record. We've been doing promos. They've been doing for almost every week since October. Since the draft, 6 months of promos. You would think this guy's gonna show up and win the fucking bell like vintage shows up. He just fucking might. Beat Brock or fucking Roman or whatever. Whoever wins. Yeah. But when it comes out at the beginning of the show, he's got both belts, then fucking omos beats him, wins the belts, and then after that veer comes out and beats all mods. Right. Oh my God. That's insane. Next up we have Austin theory versus Finn Balor. Yes. With pat McAfee. McAfee distracts theory with a bunch of suck it chops. And then Ballard drops kicks theory into the barricade. There he goes for the ATL, but Balor blocks it. Then McAfee distracts theory again and Balor wins with a roll up, roll up. Roll them up, roll them up, Balor. Is the United States champion? And he's still doesn't have a match at WrestleMania yet. Yeah. There is one more raw until WrestleMania. Damian priest was not on the show. No. Like, why do they wait till the last minute? Correct. I don't understand. Right. I don't get it. 'cause then you don't get to build up hype for the match. Yeah. Just give us the whole fucking card. Yeah. With four weeks to go. That's how you sell tickets. Yeah. You have Finn Balor fans? You want to go on? I don't know if I want to, you know, I don't even know if he's on the fucking show. Exactly. Yeah. It's probably gonna be Ballard priest on one of the pre shows, right? Yeah, I would imagine that. So they're not even gonna do like the apparently the kick-off shows are gonna be two hours. Well, that's what they usually are, but four hours of kick-off show over two days. What the fuck can you do? That's what they used to be when WrestleMania was one night. Right, but I mean, maybe one match? Two matches? Who wants that? Well, yeah, because their kick-off shows are usually like it's two hours and the first hour and a half is nothing. Right. Right. It's like, oh, and then here's a match right before the show starts. Like, why do you have a two hour fucking kick-off show if nothing happens? Yeah. Got you. There's so many like ricochet, Rick shit doesn't have a match yet. Right. I see champion ricochet. That's another pre show match. I'm traveling. It's fucking ridiculous. You gonna fight omos. There you go. Go to SmackDown. Yeah. Next up we have RK bro versus alpha academy. Riddle hits gamble with the bro Derek for the win. Why does alpha academy at this point? They're already in the match. Right. And they've lost. Yes. Again, they've lost. Correct. But they're in the title match. They lost the titles to them. They just lost to them again. In the match in the match. Why not? Why not? Otis throws Orton into the barricade afterwards. He sets up for the Vader bomb on riddle, but the street profits run out for the save Ford and Dawkins help riddle up, but then they kick his ass and Ford hits a weird frog splash on him. Yeah. I like that thing that they did to Gable that it looked like a 3D, but it was with a DDT. Oh, yeah, yeah. That was cool. That was cool. Yeah. But yeah, Ford usually has the best frog splash. This time, I don't know what happened because he landed like legs first again. But usually he does it really well. Oh God, next up we have Dana Brooke and Reggie versus Tamina and tozawa.

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