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And tradition is heading north for the skagit valley tulip festival, but nothing to see there, but green right now says, come on forest Paul Rivera. It's a sea of green for Brent Rosen with rusing guard and said the cold weather isn't helping what we prefer our temperature is at our not too cold, not too hot, so somewhere in the 50s, low 60s. It's nice to avoid the wind or The Rain. The comparison of bloom versus no blue means right now isn't quite what's expected from the hundreds and thousands of visitors who tore the region during the skagit valley tulip festival, which runs in April. It's important for our economy. 100%. Over in Mount Vernon, Tanya mosher with gadget river brewery has fingers crossed that the bloom happens soon. The foot traffic from this month is extremely important for businesses as they recover from the downturn of the pandemic years. 2020 did some things to a lot of businesses, so a lot of local businesses think on their tulip season. And on their summer season. Back at the farm, Brent says in about a week or so, they anticipate to see some blooms to bring back the beautiful colors that help anchor the economy of the skagit valley. And that's come up for us, Paul Rivera. News radio traffic from the high performance homes traffic center. Engulfs our series southbound near highly 16, there's a stove vehicle block in the right lane minor delays that are silverdale the ghost on southbound three currently taken just under 15 minutes over on stage 16 westbound coming across the Tacoma narrows bridge, some ongoing road constructions has the two right lanes closed that due to reopen 5 p.m. this evening in the meantime, it's going to brema ten currently taking around 25 minutes, our next northwest traffic at three 44. I'm Sam rogvi. The newest radio 1000 FM 97 7 forecast from the northwest crawl space services weather center. Your afternoon is going to see a bit

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