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Still looking for a deal UT LA president, Alex Caputo Pearl says the unions gonna do everything it can to prevent a strike. But it depends on what Monday looks like. I mean, frankly, if Monday, it looks like the last twenty months, we're not going to subject our bargaining team to just sitting in a room and being disrespected the Union's been pushing the school district to tap into an estimated reserve fund worth nearly two billion dollars to hire. More staff and reduce class sizes among other things police in Torrance are continuing to try and figure out what led to a shooting at a bowling alley that shooting happened Friday night at the Gable. House bowl seven people were shot. Three of those men were killed a died at the scene. Witnesses say that a group of women got into an argument around midnight and a group of men joined in and tried to break it up. That's when someone pulled out a gun and opened fire Inglewood mayor James butts, his daughter. Maybe going to jail, Ashley. But it's going to be in court this week because of a case where she allegedly had two guys attack her landlord with a bat back in April of two thousand sixteen. She's already pleaded not guilty to a felony count of assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury and conspiracy to commit assault. First degree burglary with a person present, but faces up to seven years in jail. The new chairman of the House Armed Services committee says he does not really understand President Trump's proposed border wall president's seems unaware of this. But we've actually already built a wall across much of the border and all security experts that I talked to say where a wall makes sense that's already been built Washington. Democratic Representative Adam Smith's had that there's no evidence whatsoever that the southern border needs a wall says Trump doesn't understand the issue at the border and the concrete barrier is not going to stop people from coming into the US illegally. Former housing and urban development secretary Julian Castro says he may run for president in two thousand twenty. I'm not going to be a single issue.

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