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Now, you could say, whether just tinkering as their hobby, no, these guys are not used to losing money in any field, and whether they're in real estate oil and gas lawyers or anything else, they made money in their own business, and they wanna make money in this other business. That's the way they're made up. One of my favorite stories is when Bob McNair was being shown around down in Miami before Houston got the franchise in the national football. Get been rumored that it was going to go to Los Angeles. And good friend of mine was bringing him down. Long media row at the Super Bowl down there. And so I had a chance to spend a little private time with Bob McNair. And he is the only owner I've ever known in sports who gave me this great answer. And most honest answer I said to him after Cleveland had paid about seven hundred and fifty million dollars to get their franchise and, and put it on the field was close to a billion dollars. And so I said, Bob, I said, you know, you know, look, Cleveland paid and what you're going to have to pay and then what it's gonna cost to put the team. It's almost a billion dollars where does that make any financial sense, and he looked at me and with great southern dry says Ronnie, a billion dollars ain't gonna change my lifestyle. One bit. Steve Ross mentality and frankly, if these guys thought that they were losing the last Family Dollar on a sports franchise, I guarantee you, none of them would ever do it. That's not their makeup. And that's what makes the league so successful because you've got thirty first class business men, not that you don't have to like them all, but you have to respect their business acumen as far as NFL franchise owners in the same thing in other sports, which a franchise are not franchise, which league do you think is the strongest league right now. Not just from a money standpoint from an image standpoint just from an operational standpoint as well. Very interesting question, I'm gonna give you an answer. That's a four-party answer not because I want to anybody. But I do think that the NFL is still the gold standard of all sports public private partnership, global expansion. You look at their dollars and they command more revenue at revenue Super Bowl. The biggest event in the US etcetera, etcetera. Major league baseball with its labor piece believe it or not is the goal standard for players now getting along with owners, which is hard to believe fifteen years ago. Hockey has come from labor Armageddon under Gary Bettman stewardship. And with the, you know, condolences to guys in Phoenix where they're still trying to move the coyotes. It was an amazing year that that I was at game six and that final series with the Blackhawks and the flyers was astronomical. And you look at their expansion two, they're finally the NBA, you know, the finals, which was great too was telecast in two hundred fifteen countries in forty one languages. So they are the poster child for global expansion. So I would say the top league is baseball basketball hockey football. Do you think is in trouble? Could all be in trouble. Don't resolve their labor issues. I do think the NFL is most vulnerable a because they're goose is bigger and it laid the most recent biggest goal Neg. But also, you got two issues there you've got the have and the have not owners and then you've got the players and on the players side, you've got the rookie salary cap wage scale, you know, Jake long deserve the thirty million dollar signing bonus. We'll of course, he does because that's the system in place. In the didn't college to the all time, veteran, players believe that you should sign an unproven rookie to that amount. We'll give it to me. I'm a veteran player. So you got the players divided and the owners divided. So it's going to take a Henry Kissinger, type deal to get it all together. We've got thirty seconds exactly what he wants people to take away from this book, Rick..

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