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I think that should be speech interface not interference to reading reading this from nine to five MAC that must be a typo two way communication interface for vision based monitoring system these are all patents lighthouse patents that apple has acquired which I think is really cool. Maybe a home pot with a camera. Anything that you want right now, you can do face idea to about fifteen centimeters or some. It's very small depth of depth of face. But once they've already got plans to put the lasers on the back cameras, and whether it's for it's not really cross the room face ID, but it's across the room object identification that Alex's talked about before where or we talked about earlier with the cars you start to be able to normally defined the exact parameters of your environment. But the objects within it, and you're basically teaching the computer to not just see a photo. But to understand everything that's in the photo not like humans do. But in a way that makes sense to you all. All you other side. I look at my lighthouse, and I could say, hey, let me know when Lisa gets home. If let me know where the cats are. And it new I mean, and they weren't close the new across the room. There's a cat. There's a dog. There's Lisa it the kids it knew it was great. And a lot of these technologies can identify your gate, by the way, you stand. If you think about when you see one of your friends hundred feet away that they are essentially a couple pixels for you. And you know, that's Frank or whatever be because some thing that they're doing that. Is that Frank would do that only Frank does that, you know, and and so the, but you you notice that while the they're starting to get a lot of the I is starting to get good enough where it knows who you are. And also what your next behaviors may be based on, you know, just the the movement of your body and a lot of the light stuff. The time of flight stuff is important to to figure that out very cool. The US government is imposing new restore. Actions on shipping charged batteries. This is not for you. Now getting on a plane, but it will mean your next iphone will not have a half full or even thirty percent full battery. They're going with a battery cases they all shipped empty. Yeah. Thirty. Yeah. I just got a wireless thing for the HTC vibe. It was dead All I can't use it. I charge it up. It took a long time to charge it up. I was so bummed batteries. Lithium ion batteries will can be charged to no more than thirty percent. This is also for for folks like me that do production. This is a pain. Get on the plane, but it is going to change when you buy something. Well, it's it's it's not so much when we ship a lot of like hardware, and so in that hardware the batteries are too big for us to just put in our carry on. Right. And so, you know, they're UPS batteries and stuff like that. And you and we have big signs on his actually what kind and we flip them. And there's a whole bunch of things that you do drain them out and stuff like that. But you just we do things that are safe safety conscious. But it does I get I get the risk of of doing that. So I I understand where they're coming from. And a lot of the airlines have already made this against the rules. So I just got rid of my away. I haven't away bag, and I just got rid of the battery because I just I just got you know, just too much deal with. Yeah. So it's interesting, I didn't realize this. But it was apple was one of the first companies to ship fully charged or mostly charged products before I do remember that before then they would it was routinely that they would come uncharged, right and Tony Fidel actu-..

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