Biden brings Thanksgiving pies to Nantucket first responders


President Biden vacationing in Nantucket for the Thanksgiving holiday, spoke out against a recent spate of mass shootings in the country and calls on Congress to do more to limit assault weapons. 6 people killed in a southeast Virginia Walmart 5 dead in Colorado Springs in just a week and President Biden says more must be done to prevent these killings from taking place. The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It's just sick. He tells reporters he'll take it to Congress, even though the sessions almost over and Democrats soon lose control of the House. Meanwhile, the president reached out to the owners of club Q in Colorado Springs, offering support and condolences, while a worker at the Virginia Walmart, whose life was spared, says she doesn't think the victims were randomly chosen. He was going hunting. He was looking, he was picking people out. Jesse will chesky on the job just 5 days, says the gunman who apparently killed himself aimed at her and then told her to run. I'm Jackie Quinn

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