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I'm Andrew Miller on today show seriously considering running for president as a centrist independent, and I wanted to clarify the word independent which view merely as a designation on the ballot. How well you. Equivocal response to Howard Schultz his plans to run for president my guests. Ben Ryland, Georgina Godwin and Kiara Ramona will be discussing this and the day's other top stories, including Zimbabwe's depressing failure to improve a year and more after the removal of Robert Mugabe, the unlikely winner of a strain the is richest literary prize and arguably even less likely media startup that's all coming up on the Dory. House monocle twenty four right now. And world consumer Dory. House. My guest today are monocle twenty four Georgina Godwin, Kiara removal, and Ben Ryland. Welcome all and we will start tonight in the United States and this week suggestion by former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz that he might have a crack at the presidency. Presumably on the assumption that runs for the job by billionaire businessman with no experience of elected office have always worked out. So well before Mr Scholz also appears set on running as an independent candidate doubtless with a view to bequeathing the same sort of legacy to progressive politics for which Ralph NADA and Jill Stein. Both so fund -ly remembered today Kiara first of all how how excited are we by the prospect of Howard Schultz, former Starbucks CEO running for president. I think I speak for my fellow gentlest at the table right now in saying that we're probably not excited because as you rightly highlighted right there. There's a. I don't really think this is the right moment for billionaire without particular political experience be running for presidency. However, I've got to say the all of this possibly because I come from European specifically Italian political background. I can see the appeal of breaking be partisan situation. So staunchly ingrained does is in America. Whether this is the right person to be doing this right now. I don't know Bennett's. It's it's touching verging on quaint that Mr Schulz seems actually surprised by the coast to coast clamor of OD gold knows that has attended. He's announcement of his plans. It is I didn't expect that to settle in in Mr Schulz's mind, quite so quick given that he's traveled this fall without sensing the wind at all I was having a bit of a chat to Jonathan Chait a New York magazine yesterday, and he wrote a wonderful take-down of shelters self-delusion. Let's call. It that to be polite, and he was remarking on how he thinks that shields has made it this fall simply because he surrounded himself with high paid consultants who are willing to tell him exactly what he wants to hear. Because of course, their entire existence their employment existence is resting upon shields continuing to believe that he has a shot at the presidency. And I think that explains a lot of the remarkably bizarre things that he said all over he's meteor appearances this week one of my personal favorites was when he pointed out to the hosts of morning Joe that that there about forty two percent of American voters who identify themselves as independents with well at the same time seeming to fail to grasp that identifying yourself as an independent doesn't mean you part of some sort of other party called the independent party, which he's just parachute himself into as the as the current leader. They could be they could be on the far side of the left on the fall side of the right? They could be anywhere on the political spec. Tremain then not going to simply say, oh, look there's shields. He's an independent. That's me over for him in fairness to how short safari could afford to surround myself with people who spent all day telling me always up -solutely, bloody. Listen should be the leader of the free world. I totally would instead on stuck with you people. Georgina. I've never done quite well to think about this. Because obviously one of the great marvels of American democracies that anybody can have a lash running for president if they feel like it. But if you are somebody who has serious money series heft and series chance of actually treating a bit of attention, perhaps some votes. Do you have a responsibility to worry about splitting the vote because because there is of course, the argument that Ralph Nodar effectively gave the two thousand election to George W Bush that Jill Stein gave the two thousand sixteen one to Donald Trump. But are they not entitled to run for the job?.

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