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But i think for for jamie did he half'do just like outright tell the poor kid like you're going to have to die and then give them even five seconds the process that information rather than caen of just like antidote just done it and lingling i had no tie with wouldn't that of you and been more humane iter maybe he told the help him process processing because of these one on the asked left why why did my best friend cousin jamie lancaster do this to me i don't understand what happened to me the all ky had the die okay without it was a worthy sacrifice that i had the give up my life though that my greater cousin given end up going on and having some of the if anybody says to me about their plan and these are the of the only thing is you have to die instantly like no no beyond madeleine the plan no that you so now that's that's not something i'm into dom alec necessary we can we can come up with something else joe and is also great uh is the is the moment where alton is starting to tell jamie to story of how they met and how he squared for him at willem phrase wedding it jv goes i was looking phrase wedding yeah and they'll here everday he started to figure out he ah when you miraflores sale at bryant lanna stir that's that poorer that poor guy just getting shrunken pukhan everywhere thus ed so jamie lancaster then he chokes out one of the guards which we will learn is a car stark and then he escapes this multi while rob is that the cry and then they end up bringing hand at back in now here come's lord car stark and he winds than genes that jamie lancaster killed his kid he should get the kill jamie land stir and cats star cast a shot is all down but costs is what is this how you act when you're king.

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