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You had weaker income at higher costs had losses on the resale side and they were getting killed but they're underneath that there was this underlying fear that they were gonna get displaced by uber and lift and services like this suddenly in the summer that starts started to rise again because iverson hurts bulls came up and deals where they were managing the test selfdriving car fleets for apple and for google's waymo unit so they should be worried about their core business they've lost some business there and you're talking about auto rental business has already been pretty weak but there's a lot of thinking now that they can be the fleet manager for these other players because waymo doesn't want to own a fleet of cars gm would like to obviously not on a few cars and that's what this pilot experiment is all about and hoover enlist in interviews i've done with them they don't want to own the cars either if they have selfdriving taxis driving around so somebody's gonna need to own gas up manage clean sure store these cars are not working and you can do that garages and it could be potentially you david welsh thank you so much for being with us david watch detroit bureau chief for bloomberg news right now let's head to washington dc nancy lyons is there with world and national headlines in our ninety nine point one studios nancy thanks lisa another change in president trump's cabinet rex tillerson is out as secretary of state with trump wanting cia director mike pompeo as his replacement gina hospital pompey's deputy at the cia would serve as acting director of that agency she would be the first woman in that role trump says he needed to find someone who shares his vision tillerson did not resist agreed what you look at the iran deal i think it's terrible i guess he was okay i wanted to either break it or do something he felt a little bit differently steve goldstein and under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs says tillerson had no idea this was coming the departure comes at.

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