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Medi three wibc rob kendall brian baker you know the consultant is in town and you're ever going to put out a professional face now david gee hole we're going to have a little discussion with him because i'm still waiting on a reply from an email back in may and a return phone call for voicemail i left him in june our jobs could literally beyond the lining you're busy playing with the headphones making sexually knocked of noise there were suffering sexual belted let's get a look at your head you just go straight to the dirty play you hi rob kendall producer projects on the right i'm brian baker i'm the producer for tony cats today and the but not the tony cats morning show very her opening act for the mass shopper ahead of 93 wibc and janet is janet the big fan who's the big fan of the match up helen oh hell in yeah god bless helen are fan i had a hell helen in my life my grandmother all cattle there's one of your exwives nono now that was you know how it and isn't amy no here a whole lot of anymore only i can't remember the second one do you do you know anyhow ones outside of the one you mentioned that's a classic name but you know my greatgrandmother was named sarah and why we named my daughter sarah because we wanted that classic name in the my wife added the an par to so she serian less classic old named those are coming back in vogue rob when when you in the wife a figure out the you know how you procreate and and make one of your own go with the classic names right well you know speaking of your daughter sarah she could have a lot of future classmates who didn't come to this country legally yes yes indeed well i see that uh president donald trump is seemingly opening up to the american people these meetings that are taking place between republicans and democrats now who was the president pariah to him that promise over and over again to do that promised transparency promise that these meetings will take place on see spanning on the web.

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