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But i mean i think you know if you're doing it to entertain your hundred thousand instagram followers. I mean that's your business. It's not like the different things. You're just doing it because but i think that a lot of moms think that's not their new job now because no anyway we give you permission russian to just make utilitarian whichever direction you definitely parallel of leftovers if the fed it's good the yes. That's that's my thought about breakfast. In general are it will we should go to our question great. Thank you everybody eighty for sending those in and feel free to browse around on our blogs. We've we didn't get to use all of them but lots of helpful stuff their social arenas or do you want to read it. I can read you. You had a good first answer and then all chip in <hes> okay. This is a long-term best of both worlds listener writing in she says i'm married and with two elementary school kids one that has a chronic health issue and the other one that needs therapy a few times a week at least for the next year or two. I started a new job a month ago prior to this job. I was always always nonexempt. Paid hourly had no flexibility had us p._t._o. For all my kid's doctor's appointments sick days snow days etc. There have been several years where we couldn't even take a vacation shouldn't because i had no time off left. My husband does almost all the appointments and snow days for that reason but it gets stressful due to his work responsibilities commute etc. I'm really enjoying my new the job duties and everything it entails. My position is exempt so i will have more wiggle room to say work from home. If one of my kids has an appointment but my challenge is that after.

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