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There's a little bit in a variety store here where apparently there was a recent screening of joe joe rabbit <hes> for disney executives and apparently one of these executives grew audibly uncomfortable during a screening worrying aloud at the material would alienate disney fans hands. <hes> jody rabbit is a satirical movie. That's based on a book. It's directed by takeaway t t follows a german boy who has <hes> hitler arrest imaginary friend and he has his blind patriotism <hes> challenge when he finds out that his mother has been hiding a jewish girl in their house and so i'm not really sure what it is about this movie that alienates disney fans unless they're worried about alienating disney fans that are nazis <hes> so but i imagine it has something to do with the the conservative side the kind of people who were very happy when james gunn was fired as the director of guardians of the galaxy volume three simply because a lot of people don't understand how satire airwork's along with that. There's been <hes> like some shifting as far as movies that were coming out. We heard a while back a long list of projects that were cancelled like the diehard prequel focusing on john maclean before die hard and a mega man movie and stuff like that <hes> <hes> but there are also some other movies that were <hes> seemed like they were going to move forward but now aren't happening we found out about specific titles like tinker bell's which was a movie supposed to be about a group of misbehaving ferries <hes> the adaptation of the kind of book lumber. Janes was supposed to be an animated movie but that's been completely cancelled and then there's also been some shifting as far as who's working on movies apparently greg berlanti who was.

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