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Before they got the opportunity to play in vegas you know they would go to the chitlins circuit. They go on these black own black only you know type type deals so they go to the howard theatre in dc. Go to the cotton club in harlem or they would go to the apollo in harlem you go to the theater in detroit them and go to the What does the ritz theatre jacksonville florida. They may go to. I already mentioned howard in washington. Dc the go all the hip. The hypocr home in Richmond virginia so going to all these places and they were playing. Not just bo town but you know john. Coltrane miles davis. Sammy davis junior with perform their down here in vegas. They'd go to the west side before jackson street You know oldest ready all these guys. They won't allow for the most part to play the shows in vegas at the more glitzy. Glamorous type of venues lay down to the west side and sammy davis junior. And all those guys not only they performed there but they also stayed there because at the time here vadis in the sixties and such it was still segregated so black. Performer could not dress in the dressing room as the white performance. They could not stay in the hotel where they were performing that they were going to be performing there so after they got done. A piece in the white folks. Sammy davis junior. And those guys come. Across to jackson street on the west side here in vegas and they do their thing over over here and really get down and get loose. You know the harlem club in miami. That's another one. So much documentary will be a how awesome in the stories that could be told about not just playing in those venues but just dealing with life the way that they did these things going from place to place. And how do they all the times. The relationships that were formed during these times talk about you know the time that they spent for instance if they were going to be staying performing at the apollo theater how stating at the theresa hotel. This was the situation where malcolm x. had a rented space there to do things i mean you have great black thinkers in and black folks doing their thing in that area. How do they mix handling bengal mohammed. Ali spent some time there. James brown Had a room at the theresa hotel where he stayed for a while will love to see. I would love to hear the stories about what went down during those times. And you know we're speaking about. Why black folks can't get things together. Why is it that howard theaters and others. Both of these venues that were black owned in that were open to black performers and black artists in black entertainers. Why are they no longer there to. Your black folks had a brain in their head and i should. I guess i'm being a little bit too harsh..

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