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And attics reservoirs more than five thousand of them flooded during harvey how is it that people like the buntings could buy a home and never be warned that hey by the way this house was built inside a reservoir and one day it might flood we found a realtor sam chowdhry who sold more than fifty homes out here a lot of them in a neighborhood called grand lakes do you ever give your clients the plat do you ever see the plot we actually give them something better we actually have the survey done a survey is a newer map and it's supposed to have more information about a particular property sam says plots are old used mostly when developers are building a neighborhood not when someone's buying a home but when sam shows me the survey there's nothing on there about barker reservoir flooding according to farm on this property is in zone x and does not live in the hundred year flood plain is this what you're required to are you required to give the buyer the survey while you're actually buys it they pay five hundred dollar for this thing four hundred to five hundred dollars for this thing actually i have the platform grand lakes here i show sam where the tiny font is is subject to extended control inundation under the management of the us army corp engineers what exactly does that mean it basically means grand lakes is actually designed to flood in a situation like harvey really it's behind these dams in essence grand lakes is inside the reservoir so if it is inside the reservoir how would they approve these plans i wanted to know the same thing to try and get an answer i went to see this guy again you guys should be tired by i've been steve castillo's office a lot over the past couple of years people call them the floods czar and he works up on the fourth floor of houston city hall he helps direct policy to protect the city from flooding i asked steve if he knew that homes in the houston area sit on land designed to flood by the army corps no i wasn't paying much attention had to be candid i'm not quite sure if i really knew that much about it the guy in charge of flooding policy in houston is telling me he didn't know there were thousands of homes in these reservoirs he says all those homes were built before his time i don't know when the developments occurred is not like they occurred yesterday you they've been there for quite a long time i pull out a plat to show steve it's the same one i showed realtor sam chowdhry this plot was approved in two thousand four and it actually has castillo inc on the corner so is that your engineering development firm right that was engineering firm i formerly wasn't blue with he's being modest steve castillo founded castillo inc and was president of the firm until twenty fifteen even as i'm showing him as plat he's still doesn't seem to understand that it's in the reservoir it's outside the government owned land even though it's outside the government owned land it's still inside the reservoir it's still in a part of the land that's designed to fly well if that information was available at the time that these developments would occur probably wouldn't happen the developer window develop those light except i point out to steve the information was available at the time it's written on the very platt that his engineering firm worked on they were within the flood pool of barker personally work on the project but it was my from network you probably have to ask other engineers the developers for your own firm you could ask the firm to people that are to worked on the project we go back and forth about this for a while eventually steve jobs says he doesn't wanna look backward he also says the city of houston can't fix this along the reservoirs extend into the outskirts of houston which means county governments are also responsible my name is bob abor i've been county judge and ford been kelly since two thousand three i'm in my fifteen year and all the title is kind of a weird texas thing bob baer doesn't have judicial powers he's just the top elected official in the.

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