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Died of smoke inhalation last week the boat eventually sank just off the coast agents serving the search warrants yesterday collected training materials and maintenance records from the company the boat did not have any safety violations in its most recent inspections but it may not have had a required night watchman at the time of the fire and from all in back KFI news more than a hundred eighty five firefighters have work to knock down a major commercial building fire in downtown LA three firefighters have been taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay flames were spotted burning through the roof of a single story warehouse along seventh street just after midnight the fire was out just after three the location is listed online as a fabric business this is bringing NBA finals and of M. V. P. Y. Leonard has been charged with robbery and murder of an eighty four year old woman after Chung resort and casino in Temecula the woman was found unconscious in a restroom August thirty first and died last week police say Leonard sister and another woman followed the elderly woman into the restroom and stole her purse possibly beating her the woman's skull was fractured a boy with autism would disappear in a park in Inglewood has been found dead in the parks pool the nine year old wandered away from his mother's car at the park yesterday Inglewood police lieutenant Neil Cochran told NBC for some local kids found the boy's body about six hours later we think they may have been trying to go for it and when. swim and then they found him at the bottom and then our officers we talked a toll or officers they dove in. got him out of the bottom and he was deceased police say the boy's death was likely an accident.

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