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Time is twelve thirty one I'm Kim McAllister inn for Nikki Maduro a brush fire in east San Jose foothills is now at four alarms flames are burning near the intersection of a born road and gurdwara Avenue that's in the evergreen neighborhoods now at this point at least forty acres have burned and some structures are burning as well there are homes in this area cal fire fighting the flames in the South Bay from the air and on the ground it's a story will be following through the afternoon on KGO eight ten undeterred by criticism of what some are calling racist tweets made yesterday president trump is telling members of Congress if you hate your country you can leave president was responding to Fuhrer over the weekend tweets saying for democratic Congress women of color should go back to the broken crime infested countries from which they came that despite the fact all of the women are American citizens and three of them were born in the United States treasury secretary Stephen Nugent says the trump administration has a very serious concerns that the new digital currently planned by Facebook could be used for illicit activity like money laundering human trafficking and financing terrorism tomorrow Congress begin hit begins hearings on Facebook's libra currently planned the prosecution and defense argued against and for bail for Jeffrey obscene in federal court in New York today prosecutors said the accused sex trafficker posed a serious white breast the defense claim he's lived a clean life since serving thirteen months in Florida for a prostitution charge correspondent Steve Castin bombs as two of the accuser's today we're allowed to speak at the bail hearing one of the victims any farmers.

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