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It just seems like maybe give him through the break and Who knows if he winds up playing in the game, Maybe you get the pinch hit or something in the game rather than catching. I think that would certainly be the Giants. Preference. Um, but, yeah, you could be to be looking at not playing this weekend or and potentially not playing in that game. And it damages the team. I mean, you know the the Casali Trump. God bless him. It's not the same. Um, you know, this is a guy who's just been a vital part. Susan. It's hard to think of the team. Doing this? Well, when you literally say Evan Longoria, Brandon Belt and Buster Posey are out. Those are three gigantic names, and here they are. Yeah, I have thought with every significant injury like okay, This is probably the one. You know that that maybe is the last straw. But they just keep finding a way to keep winning. The depth pieces are tremendous now. When you start losing the depth pieces to LaMonte Wade, you know, leave the other day with a bruised hands are straight hands Strain which has not heard before. I don't know what you know what really was going on there that that apparently happened in a second at that, Um, you know, they can't afford to lose the depth pieces who are being so good filling in for the big, big name, guys so That's the biggest key for them and every team, obviously as health, but really, they have got to start getting some of these guys off the aisle and then keep them off the aisle. Yeah. Okay, well, it's been nutty and they get going and Lamont way to. It certainly is not another one to add. What did you think of the mightiest Rimsky Johan Oviedo stuff because they go to ST Louis next week, and we'll be there. Susan, By the way, Me and Paulie and cops are gonna be there and we are you going to be there? I will be there. Okay, That's it. Wow. Yeah, the real deal. This is it. We're definitely hooking up. We're definitely meeting up. So that's that book. Check that in your put that in your to do list. All right. So, um, tastic? Yeah, I know. Right? It's great news for us, too. So the Oviedo you stretch that was kind of fun. Little Giants Cardinal skirmish. Yeah, it was fun at Oviedo afterwards, Premise said, Like, Oh, a little bit of a misunderstanding. I mean, it was silly, you know, to basically accused of guys feeling time when you've already changed your signs three or four times, and you just pulled out the card out of your pocket to check to see what the signs are. Like. If you don't know what the sides are, I'm guessing that gets Rimsky does not know what the signs are. You know it's a good call. Yeah, yeah. But it's risky. Had fun with it afterwards. He was like, Yeah. Hey, you know what? I wasn't. But if he thinks that great, you know, we want to kind of get in their heads. And he said, listen and entertainment. You know, I'll put on a little bit of a show, so I I love that He had a little bit of fun with it. I think it did kind of get in over his head turned around and yelled him recently setting was a little surprised that that but yes, he copter to maybe playing it up a little bit as he should. And it could, and it could, uh, spill into next week in ST Louis. We'll have some fun following that story. Why not? Let's let's be media people and stoke those fires, you know, so going forward Susan's letter of the Chronicle and then just before I let you go here, the he wrote a nice piece on Gabe Kapler today in the Chronicle. I read it. It was good, and it is Worth discussing. Especially like on a macro level. If they make the playoffs, like the big takeouts on Capitol will be unbelievable. Because Susan he got him one phone call when he left Philadelphia, right, one phone call. This is not a guy in demand. And then you got a lot of criticism and static when he got hired here too. And, Yeah, well, you guys know. Yeah. Hello. Local media was not super on board with a choice. The local fan base was really not on board with a choice. He was controversial, and, uh, Farhaan stuck his neck out. No doubt hiring Gabe Kapler. He has been great. Uh, and one of the things I like that, he said yesterday. Was how much more open minded he is. You know, when he was in Philly, it was a little bit. Uh, you know if this is what I think you know, not quite my way, the highway, but you know if he was set on something, that's so it was going to be, and now she listens to all ideas, and that's you know, Scott Harris said the same thing you know, he's when there were issues. He listened to a wide range of opinions and kind of figure things out made adjustment. That's what a good manager does. Yeah, he it's four, Hunt said, Uh guys who do their second go round can be different and better, And it sounds like he learned from his experience. Everybody was like, No, We don't want to hear that. No and four Hun Just God, man. He's just been. I talked to an executive Susan, who said That he shared the concerns about Kapler. And he said, Well, you know, capital has to be X Bed X amount better than these other guys that Joe Girardi's in the Joe Maddon's who are out there. And for him was like, Yeah, I know that. So it's interesting that, you know. Yeah, yeah, that's true. Look at all those records. Yeah, You know, there's no better place. I think really that Philly for a first shot because it's the worst place. Uh, Carrie Francona had stories about going out to the lock, secured players lot and finding his entire slash with music manager and that was his first job and look what he's done, You know, and that's the that's a trial by fire. You come out stronger. You come out. Hopefully, figure skins, uh, and, uh, you kind of gotta, but I think it's a good It's kind of a good proving ground. You know, that's a tough town. Even if you're winning if you're not waiting Man. Oh, man, I thought the the Sixers just went through. They were the number one seed in all of the Eastern Conference in basketball. Susan and they underperformed and their fans were clobbering them during the postseason. They were just crushing them, booing them off the floor at halftime and stuff. You're right. It's It's a tough town, man. Yeah, well, I mean, except for the static, he got That first week. Everything about him is way more West Coast San Francisco Bay area than Philly. So it's for sure a much better place for regard. Yeah, absolutely. And I'll say this every time during the pandemic. We at the junior giants, uh, you know, we asked for help to do these virtual Clinics and Gabe and Chi Korea and Alice Anakin and Andrew Bailey and all those guys. They all did it at Gabes. He's like, Yeah, guys do this for the junior giants. It was awesome, so I always Be thankful for him for that. So, um And, uh oh, by the way, they have the best record in baseball that absolutely yes, There's that little thing. All right, Susan. Well, at the very least, we'll see you next Friday. And at the very moment at the very most. We'll look forward to your stories in the Chronicle tomorrow, So thanks for coming on. Thank you, Susan. All right. See you next weekend. Okay. Susan Celester. Fun stuff. Fun stuff. Okay, so we got a little production, okay? Cups. So we're going to Dublin, Ireland. Going to Dublin. Freaking Ireland. Polly to talk Euro 20. Let's go. Man Own McDevitt, one of the great second captains, the legendary second captains podcast. That has rocked the nation of Ireland for last 10 years and has been in our studio before indeed and has handed you a study that your kids stole from, they said. Since lost that one. Yeah, he's going to give us the Irish slash euro perspective on Italy Beautiful. Let's go..

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