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Locked them up for three and four years if they disagreed, that's okay. I sympathize with him, I agreed with him on Communism. How do we make sure the word gets out other than in this small forum here? It's not small, but but what you and I are doing right now. Well. We we. We trust me. We're all over it. We've been talking about it all weekend long in fact, she even got asked about it and try to create some cockamamie excuse for why she said it. Now, she wouldn't say it anymore. She never said she doesn't agree with it anymore. She just said she wouldn't say it out loud anymore I. Mean it's clear and the vice president said this last week and that you know I thought Bernie. Bernie Sanders lost their primary. But when you look at their policy positions when you look at the people who are now leading the charge for the VP, it's clear. The Socialist Wing of their party is in control and Joe Biden is just a puppet for them. He's a Trojan. Horse to get that next generation of socialist leader into actual power. It's Mark Lottery for the trump twenty twenty campaign. Go follow him at Marta, Underscore L. O. T.. T.. E.. R.. Mark I want you to get into his brain too much because it might be scary. But why would a Joe Biden go from the moderate? That won the nomination that looks like he presumptively will win the nomination. Why would he go from moderate? which attracts voters that are in the Middle Li little every law right to go this far left wing progressive. Now, again, I don't think he's making the decisions I get that. But now that he's got the nomination, he didn't get it because he was a far left wing guy although it, we look at his actual track record, the crime bill and so on. He is a far left progressive guy. But he always sold himself his uncle Joe Brother Joe or my neighbor. Joe. And he's just a regular dude. He doesn't come off that way anymore when you hear about getting rid of gasoline by twenty, thirty five. Well because that's because the radical, the radical crazy wing of the Democrat party has has taken over. That's where all the energy is i. mean you need the You need the radical snowflakes out there and the and the and the protesters to go make your phone calls, knock on doors. Those are the ones that are the most passionate and so and they've also shown that they're willing to just stay at home if they don't get what they want, they won't. They'll just they'll sit out and so he has to placate them, and since he's really just not, he's just he's already called himself a transitional leader transitional candidate. What's he transitioning to? A Ao see and the squad, the leadership of the party that they so rightly or demand, and so we already seen it with with Nancy Pelosi doing it. We've seen it with Joe Biden doing it. They're literally just marking time and trying to hold back the socialist flood until until they take over and I don't think they're gonNA ask you to be able to do it much longer because obviously Joe Biden is already outsource his policy shop to them. It's it's now it's game on last question for Mark, water? From trump twenty, twenty, he's. The Communications Director Strategic Indications for Trump two, thousand, twenty. The president is great at rallies. He's great at going off the cuff. He's great at reading a teleprompter than saying screw the teleprompter. Let me just tell a story. He's great at that. Will he do these virtually marquee? He's look he's hurt badly in the campaign because the Krona Virus I'm not saying the. The coronavirus is to stop him or slow him down. But the rules are the rules. You can't go and have thousands at a rally right now and Joe, Biden could never ever draw the kind of crowd and Donald Trump. Our president really does get a surge out of that energizes him. What is he doing to to take the place of bad if anything? WELL WE WE'RE GONNA, continue doing tele rallies, untrustworthy trump campaign. We don't do anything small. We don't do thing you know without with with a delicate touch. We're right in your face. So we trust me, we got a lot of plans in the works right now. They're going to be exciting. We're doing the televised, but even the tele rallies I mean he had i. think he did. Did five of them. The other weekend talked to one hundred and fifty thousand people, and then five million more watch them later. So these aren't small. These aren't small little. Your group chats that you're doing on your zoom calls are massive events, and also we're doing online program every night of the week about a half an hour show at eight that's attracting one point, five, million viewers. I. Mean. That's more than watch. CNN during most time slots. Week. I think. This is true. But we'RE GONNA, go out there. We're going to continue doing what we do, and as soon as we can get the president back out there, you know we will but we've got to the hard work of the campaign is continuing, and that's the important part, the volunteers, the the knocking on doors, making phone calls, registering new voters in the thing that I say constantly, if every person who supports the president right now out there across America you. You have ninety days. Go Find One more person who didn't vote or didn't wasn't registered is newly newly old enough or wants to make the switch from socialism to open opportunity and freedom. If you ninety days can each find one more person, we win this thing in the land. So I don't takes. Yeah. I agree with you and hopefully that's going to happen. It's Mater Director of Strategic Communications trump twenty twenty, always a pleasure. Thank you. You Talk to you all right back after this with the Joe pags show writer. This is the Joe pags. Show..

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