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Have been evacuated so far, but many are still waiting to leave the country. President Biden is suggesting the U. S led evacuation effort. Could run past the August 31st deadline. Congressman Adam Schiff, emerging from a classified briefing last night, said it appears more time will be needed, given the logistical difficulties. Of moving people to the airport. Um, and the limited number of workarounds. It's hard for me to see that being fully complete by the end of the month, But the Taliban calls August 31st a red line and is warning of consequences if the deadline is extended. That is a BCS Andrew Dim, Bert. A nine year old is dead this morning after two vehicle crash in Butler County last night. It happened on Eton Road at West Taylor School Road near Trenton Around 10 o'clock last night. Another child and an adult were both injured in that wreck. Police say a van was traveling westbound when the driver ran through a stop sign and hit a truck on the passenger side. Both Children were ejected from the van. There's been no update On the second child's condition. That accident remains under investigation. The boyfriend of a Middletown mother, who pled guilty last week to killing six year old Her six year old son is expected to appear in court today to plead guilty to charges of his own. James Hamilton was in court yesterday prepared to plead guilty to charges including kidnapping and abuse of a corpse in the case involving Young James Hutchinson. His hearing was pushed back to today. The Reds are back in action this evening, holding a slim lead in the N L wildcard race tonight. It's Tyler Malley getting the start up against first place. Milwaukee. Our airtime gets underway at 7 10. The forecast is coming up next go early, Staying late Travel stress free and celebrates bike What you're doing, Otis. The Bay Bridge needs a jingle. Yeah, telling people to cross the Bay Bridge early in the morning or late at night. Go early. Stay late. Travel starts three years. Elaborate. Business is on the eastern Shore are thrilled to have you back. Go early and stay late. Get a bridge Traffic updates at the M V to on Twitter or bay bridge dot com..

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