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Know yes you guys. Rupa's drag race in twelve is on and we have a lot of a lot is because we didn't cover it so this the newest episode week to just happened last night and all of the Sherry Pie drama. Britta drama has come out so we're going to get into our thoughts of the whole season so far the looks all of that. So let's start with the first episode. Came out a week ago with that. The the original which was and so. We're not worried about spoilers. Because we figure out spoilers happening yes just just know that people still let me pull up the list so last week's episode so good so so I mean it was amazing. I haven't been excited about drag race and I like I like I was watching it and screaming at the TV. Screening loved it. It felt a little bit like a little bit like season. Four drag race. Deering people that I could really see myself kicking it with or beginning friends with it was really really nice. They did a great job in it was just so refreshing to see drag race back to old school dregs and Roop Hollick amazing. Oh she had her face polled. So do we know that how knowledge as we know. I applaud her for doing it. I know nothing. Maisy.

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