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The eastbound left lane. An accident eastbound on the Ronald Reagan passed Ridge and the traffic lights working incorrectly, a paddock and reading and we will keep you updated as the snow starts to fall in the Tri state. I'm Rob Williams News radio 700 wlw. Now the ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling Weather Center on news Radio 700 w l. Geology. Winter storm warning in effect, and for a good reason. This afternoon, snow will move in quickly coating the rose and leaving to Hauser. Just travel conditions very rapidly. Snow is going to end around midnight with eight tow 12 inches of snow accumulating across the tri state. Now tomorrow, we will still see snow covered roads the morning but conditions will improve solely by tomorrow of 21. From your severe weather station online, First morning meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark news radio 700 wlw and looking at the current rate. Our we are seeing that stuff all begin to move into the Tri state. Right now, all of southeast of the anything snow in areas are heavy, especially round. Dearborn County, also into Ripley and Switzerland. County Even seen still begin to move in the Hamilton County D. A western portions of Hamilton at this point, our current temperature Is 22 degrees. The incoming snowstorm is slowing down cover 19 vaccinations Locally doctor's visits vaccine appointments all now falling victim to the winter storm. Since a Children's has canceled all afternoon appointments, including elective outpatient surgeries and procedures. Hospital says they'll be calling patients to reschedule. Near health will also be reaching out to individuals who had vaccine appointment scheduled for today to reschedule those appointments, a statement from premier thanking people for their patients as we navigate the winter weather tomorrow you see health is closing its vaccination center at the Gardener Neuroscience Institute. Anyone with appointment schedule between seven and Noone will be offered another appointment. The later in the day or later in the week. If you have an appointment, you're asked to call 513584 dose to reschedule. Brian comes news Radio seven of the W W just over 1900 Duke of 19 Cases reported today in Ohio with 48 New desk. The Ohio Department of Health says it's still working to reconcile death data and it will be added in the future, which will cause the daily death count to.

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