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The the magazine's former is is courts and y you're each chose six pounds m is is is the former gonna stay a consistent as you might wish use or you paint like increase in any way well i am at the moment when of talking about this because am y'all is issue for now several kona thinking about how he won't he evolve how it looks and but for that translate means like alternate pages altering the size amine their story behind the sizes that is kind of like a much stay program that you got when eager to the name it's kind of around that size am my lights idea that smaller because like we said that gets the course between a fashion magazine a football scenes of football scenes technically you have the freedom for it to be any such you want but the matter is the element comes from like the way that shocked the content the fact that an as like sheep some photography in it rather than like 'cause i love scenes can be like mix media unmik 10 collagen and stuff free when it's keep it quite clean and graphic but by committee colorful add an elegant at the same time says has already contradictory but an we just the off i think thought like best uh is best thing to to the quantum that we would have the at times of tight changing the format kind of thinking about it and seeing if it works if like what will buckingham fish youthful imam with libya.

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