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With a laughing in like a shrugging with a keep pounding i mean to me how how are you going to celebrate when you've got pounced like the same thing i've been with mckinley from the falcons they were not more than a day before watching your sees an end to the eagles and he tweets out when you get eliminated from the playoffs but you see the eighths get eliminated i mean and and the humble yourself thing just continues to stick in my mind like you're never going to go to twitter to tell somebody to get humble right like that's just not the whole process is is is failed at this point and it's a sort of m reminded through the end of the playoffs we saw a lot of people whose mentality and focus may not have been on the right thanks mmm outlets took the polls that we did today as you know espn love chart show makes a mockery of sports polls by pulling things that aren't sports us oh let's go to the poll the question was are you happy that they're spain and jason fits didn't do any polls while filling in for love a charge show up forty two percent said yes fifty eight percent said no but did we not do any polls since we just did a poll very matters that the ultimate mockery of the polls think about it think about it always i thanks a lot for listening to us stephen a smith show is coming up next we know we're not the guys but we appreciate listing stare spain jason fits listen to us weeknights six to nine pm eastern on espn radio this was the dan laboratory chose do guts.

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