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George Floyd discussed on The Lake Show with Henry Lake


Will go back late night news talk eight three WCCO I appreciate your listening we've got live coverage of everything is going on with the George Floyd situation in terms of the of the protest in the outcry and it's a very very fluid situation it is it's going to be an all night thing it's going to be an all night thing there beer there fires there are businesses that are being looted their business businesses that are being bark down it which is a very unfortunate situation I don't think that there's anybody out there that wants to see that or the something to speak for myself I don't wanna see that at all I don't think it's productive at all but the emotions in the wide range of what's going on in terms of where people are at it's it's wide ranging six five one nine eight nine eight nine two two six I will get to one phone call here in just a second we will be checking in continuously throughout the evening was so Martin was a downtown Minneapolis also with mark fry as well an album I'm actually gonna checking with another a business owner here a little in a little bit over in downtown Saint Paul or actually a right around the midway area but real quick let's make it a phone call from from mark I think Eden prairie is a mark it's mark from maple Grove mark for maple Grove I don't mark I'm doing well thanks I just have a couple questions you know earlier in the evening you're talking to a gentleman from north Minneapolis and you made a comment about our justice and I have to assume the manpower justice means justice for the Twin Cities in its entirety I'm talking about in the in in in terms of the country like we we've been dealing with a wide range of brutality and issues in terms of law enforcement and when I say our I'm not talking about just black people I'm not I'm talking about for everyone so there is I guess what I was just clarifying yeah yeah there's an issue all the town ability that has to be addressed no I'm not just just disputing that and then when you referring to the law the looting and the fires and extra destruction of businesses yes Sir he said that they were they were just frustrated and I don't think that explanation would go very far with that no no no no no no no and if that's what ites I don't think that I'll be articulated that it's not just a frustrating because to me I have been consistent in my message for the last few days that it's counterproductive it's not something has to happen what what at what I said in that specific moment was I said that this is what you're seeing with this and we seen this throughout the years whether it's been a Rodney king and so on and so forth it is coming out of the frustration of what has happened throughout the years is that what I said well that's not what I heard but that's okay I mean I'm just give okay buying again and then the last part is where you know if if this doesn't stop we're going to get very close to martial law and I think that's the last thing any of us walk absolutely we don't want to see any of that we we don't see any of that let let me ask you this what what what what do you think the the frustration as adults because I because I would what do you what do you think that this frustration and what we're seeing is supporting out of what would you say in your opinion is because I said this earlier my cell and I'll reiterate again this is not just about what happened on Monday to Mister Floyd this is what has continued to happen in this country that's what is coming out no I I think people are are are frustrated with the number of things such and help fortunately they're looking for some quick fix in terms of a dead judge jury and killed B. down and give them a sentence and I think the legal process has to run its course I think that that is frustrating a lot of people because they think the video is self evident that there was no crime I agree with you mark no no question about it thank you so much for your contribution to this program yep yep thank thank you I appreciate it so much in the and and I I think I love his I love the phone call because he articulated some things that needed to be said and I wanted to clarify my stance on things that I say throughout the evening and I stand by what I say and if anybody wants any clarity I will for the clear fight any remarks that I make but the the bottom line is is he's a white light I know that we want to we want swiftness right we want swiftness in it now I'm generalizing when I when I say we in terms of how we want our justice right you have to see things play out but this is what I would say to a Tamarkin maple Grove okay this this is the problem in is an American problem okay because I'm with mark in that you want to see everything play out and you want to see all the evidence you want to see you know the fair trial most of whatever you want to see what weather however you do it in terms of convictions charges all that stuff but I think that even more would read about this is that people are tired of waiting and when I say that I'm not talking about incidents specifically addressing this one incident people in this country they feel that they have not gotten justice that they have been a press that they're not getting their voices heard they're tired of hearing about my day's gonna come they're tired of hearing about justice is coming do you get what I'm saying when I say that because Martin Luther king talked about that about when we're getting justice all other civil rights leaders have been talking about that for years about about when you're getting just as it is seems like justice is always pushed out people are tired of hearing about what it's coming it's coming it's coming people want it right now all right before we get to a top of the hour break let let's check in again with with small Martin who was in downtown Minneapolis let let's see Devin I know we're going on the fly you look let's see if we can check in with we'll slowly see where she's at right now and what she's saying on the ground near downtown Minneapolis arm and anybody out there listening anybody out there that's in the midst of this please please please be safe let's see if we can check in with either flown or market markets got more information I do want to reiterate that the information is coming out about the police department being taken over and over run and it sounds like it could be a fire I'll check in with marking its just been a matter of moments to see if that is indeed true I'm seeing reports of that but I don't have any clarity on that that's just made yes indeed be speculating at this point on but I don't know is is either mark or Sloan available right now that yeah let's get to mark first and and then we'll hook up with Sloan okay let let let's go to mark fry from WCCO radio mark it is it is is there a fire at the precinct right now correct so we just got a press release from Minneapolis police officer after ten o'clock tonight the full personnel and the Minneapolis police department to evacuate the third precinct to protesters have forcibly.

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