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Owners may twelfth will after six o'clock take a right up until six thirty Jeter's final game on tonight from Boston as Susan John take you through that this evening more Jeter all the time you get that you know the sooner the very game engine is life if they have enough time you know a listen they might the way things are going Casamigos tequila is always brings you the program brought to you by those who drink it on this as we said the Tuesday evening and again you're hoping you're hoping a lot that the players and the owners can get together at least right now you have a positive thought about it you don't want to get angry about it and like I said they are playing with fire here because they don't realize is not going to be a whole lot of tolerance is not news with what's going on in the world is going to be a whole lot of tolerance with you know greedy owners and greedy players and and whether or not they can get together and figure out how to get to you know get a job done and get and get basically back on the field and the early volleys have been predictable if not promising and again you can expect that much out of the opening salvos but again you would hope you really would hope that they would be in a situation where they would use some common sense and understand exactly what's going on the world understand where the country is right now and the country's got a lot more worry about whether the baseball players and the owners get together and play baseball this year you love that baseball back you'd like you're welcome the entertainment of the version but you're not gonna have a lot of tolerance for greedy players and the greedy owners getting together and and all of you and about who's going to take the lion's share of the money because that's what it comes down to that's all of the events will it is you know yes we're cutting revenues yes we're going to deal with this package revenue we're going to have this pile when I can have this file welcome to gate receipts when I'm going to have a hot dog can be a money and parking lot money and all that stuff so we're only gonna have this pot of money but he wouldn't have the money from the team so that the money from you know the local broadcast and from the radio if they can get that done and that'll be it and a couple of things some secondary and tertiary of revenue streams will for the most part the gate receipts which is about four billion dollars a year when you count all the little you know throw ins like concessions about four billion dollars a year and that money's going to be gone so owners can talk one thing players can talk another they can hit each other with catch phrases that annoy each other they can tweak each other a little bit and know each other but like I said the public is not not going to have a a very very long or very patient approach when it comes to that there's not because this is not the time or the place so you know as an athlete as an owner to someone who so much has been given I don't care what who you are as an owner that either whether you were born wealthy or you're gonna make the money itself either way things good fortune as Sean has you know shown down you if that's the case then you know what bill gracious right now same thing with the players if you've been given the gifts that allow you to be that kind of athlete with people down for a lot of money idea you know what I understand that and on the Senate right now is not the time not the time of the place is about getting back on the field this year even if you have to sacrifice another tough word for players and for owners I'll sacrifice is a very tough words accepting less than you're used to is a very very tough concept but right now it's the only concept that will work with a public that is will lose patience very very quickly and on the on the side of this baseball football the winter sports try to tiptoe back in on a very slippery slope where they're trying to re open the city's there trying to re open these metropolitan areas they're trying to figure out what it will take and woman take once pushing the envelope what's not pushing the envelope how much can you push it how much can you allow people to congregate how much can you step on the accelerator and not have the pandemic rear its ugly head we don't know we don't know well we have four balls of them who know well we have a baseball season is here who knows the guy was the number one doctor in the country for it basically says you know testified before Congress this morning from a remote area and said Hey the virus is in charge or not charge it will make the decisions we won't and that's the truth nobody is making the decisions now the president of the Congress nobody not the owners not the players nobody's making the decisions here the virus is still in charge is in charge until they have a drug that can kill it until then it is still call the shots and is free keep your fingers crossed and hope against hope that what you're going to try works that you bring in the players back they come back with the incident that you bring in the players back and play in an empty stadium allows you to get it done without players getting sick without all the people who you're going to deal with and come in close contact with every day you get sick thank you at least have the climate that you can live with that sounds like this cold chilly weather it's still been that still was out again today it's coming to an end the next couple days and we might actually go from basically the chill a late winner to the searing heat of summer because it should be you gonna go from forty in the morning to eighty in the afternoon about two days as we here on Friday and that's gonna hit the eighties so whenever source spring we're gonna see summer maybe in a couple days and you know what I'll take them give up on looking for spring where mail to find it anywhere but it sounds like someone may be right around the corner back after this virus update I'm Susan Richard Lazio announces plans to double testing in the city adding a dozen new testing.

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