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Men's health dot com. Donna seems to be discriminatory against farmers are very, very fancy. And very technically good Farmer. Donna, would you please tell us about any questions that might have come across the line? I think your tractor's sexy doctor mystery. Okay, We have a very good question that made me giggle. Good afternoon, Doctor. Mr Donnelly. I'm a 73 year old male. Happily married to my 71 year old wife for 40 years. We have a great marriage. Put greeting quotes though. My wife trained me. Many years ago in the fine art of sex toys. I'm very skillful with the vacuum cleaner washing machine and my favorite toy, the swifter It's a Donnelly Please explain those toys to Dr Mystery after the show Now, my question two years ago, I still don't get the swifter. It's the thing that you do over there. What do you do with it, though you pick up all the dirt on the floor, Put the little thing that you throw away. You know, I think he's saying, I think he's saying that if a man does some housework get lucky. That's right. That's what I've been saying. Do some dishes. No, but the vacuum cleaner and the washing machine. They really took me for a loop because of the vacuum. The vibration go ahead two years. Ago I was diagnosed with BPH 110 grand prostate with urethral obstruction I was placed on Do asteroid and cancel Lawson. The plan was to shrink the prostate, then perform a resume procedure. This spring I started having erection issues I became tired all the time, leg weakness and all the chest hair and excellently hair fell off my body Urologist. Check my t levels. Testosterone. I had a total T of about 400 basically no free t no free testosterone. We stopped the door asteroid. My saying that right? Do test right, Testorides. At that time I was started on 100 mg of testosterone. Sippy, innate weekly. At the time. I was also scheduled for my resume procedures since my prostate was determined to be about 70 G. After nine weeks of testosterone, I felt great directions were returning leg weakness went away and I wasn't tired all the time. At nine weeks or T therapy, my blood level for total T came back over 1500. The urologist immediately stopped the injections. I could tell the urologist were surprised by this level. My question is, please note that I am a retired clinical pharmacist that was done. By my total. T level. Okay. Sorry. Here's the question When the T level was drawn, I still had somewhere between 25% to 40% of the director Testorides still on board due to the drugs, half life. What do you think could have caused this very high level of T the testorides my injection therapy for what it's worth. In addition, I had a severe case of orc itis when I was 20, and he put it in print sees mumps. I felt better on the two session would like to start to Central testosterone therapy, and I'm concerned as high level could return. So several parts of that question. So the first one is that If you are out there With BPH and you have a neuron due to Strider finasteride or you're taking finasteride for hair growth as a lot of people are doing now that these like online pharmacies are allowing you to get medicines without seeing a physician. You need to be aware that all of those medicines definitely contribute to erectile dysfunction. And if you're a young person and you plan on having kids, then you need to be aware that it could definitely impair your ability to have Children because of fertility concerns. It's always really disappointing to me when I see like a 35. I've year old guy come in. He's like I have e. D in the sperm counts low and he's been on finasteride for four years. And I was like, Did nobody tell you this, but he's got great hair. You know, I'm saying you didn't. You didn't decide to take the well, Nobody told me you didn't read about it. And so that's one of our most downloaded podcast, The post finasteride syndrome. So if you're out there and you're on finasteride test, right, I definitely would pick up that post Finasteride syndrome podcast because if you're feeling ill, and you don't know why it could be that medicine, so it did shrink his prostate. He didn't get resume. And that's great news, but due to stride works by stopping the conversion of testosterone to DHT, so the reason That your testosterone level was so good in the beginning over 400 was probably because the due to stride was keeping more of your testosterone the testosterone form instead of making it into the DHT form. Why would somebody decides from jump so high? And why would the urologist get so afraid? Number? One is a reason. Get afraid, Relax. Don't be scared. Don't be scared. Yeah, well, you know, and it's and it's a pretty hefty does a lot of options could have been given to somebody an alternative form of testosterone therapy having the dose. Prolonging the dose. But the most important thing is to make sure that the timing of the lab and the giving of the dose we're not too close. Oh, so when you take the testosterone on a Tuesday and you check your lab on Wednesday, the number is always going to be real high. But if you check it on the following Monday, the day before your injection, you know that can tell you a lot about the number you want to look at. You know, that's some some practices. Look at that. And some practice. Look at the day four. So in my practice if you're a patient of mine I like the middle Love the diet of the cycle, and I'd like to see people goal towards Somewhere in the 7 to 900 range, But there's nothing you don't necessarily want to run a 1500 all the time, especially because over 1500 because over now there's nobody even you know, it was there was only measurable, right. The clinical question that this patients asking is number one is What he really wants to know. Is it safe to start to soften again? And the answer is more than likely, especially if it made you feel better. It made you feel better. It means your body needs it to do and so restarting him at a lower dose or the different type of formulation or different injection pattern. There's a whole bunch of things that can be done. He is concerned. That part of the problem with this number was influenced by the fact that the test ride hadn't washed out of a symptom a system. I'll buy that. So you started again and see what the number for a while, right, you know, and you can just start it for a few weeks and see what happens. And maybe even if you feel very concerned started just started, like a partial dose. So that is the kind of approach that we would take in our clinical practice for somebody who has an abnormal value. Now what he said and with the urologist said that was taking care of him. And what everybody says is. I wonder why the number went so high, but how? But it was an error. Oh, things go wrong. Why wouldn't we try again? Why wouldn't we check it? Check it out. I mean to assume that of all the people that couldn't have made a mistake. It was the lab machine, right? I mean, that's that's silly. Lab machines make errors all the time. We go through times in which we diagnose 20 people with pre diabetes in a row because somebody's assets somebody live went off. And it's your doctor's job to look at that and say, Well, maybe something's wrong with the recording mechanism that we're doing, and so, um, uh, number one. I don't think there's a reason, uh, to not attempt again. Your testosterone, especially if it made you feel better. Number two. Is if you're out there, taking to task driver finasteride be wary of potential sexual side effects. Um And and then, finally, if you're out there, and, um you have what you think is a difficult to control. Testosterone management problem. Seek another opinion. Because maybe you're going to someone who doesn't feel comfortable prescribing testosterone and God forbid listeners out there think that all urologists think the same that I do like that is not the case. There's a lot of urologists. I would say the most of the urologist that I talked to do not like prescribing testosterone because there's no there's no money in it. You know, I'm saying you get money and taking care of kidney stones and doing the sector me doing surgery, people. Not managing to cost alone. But you know our practices designed to kind of maximize men's health, and part of that is a clear understanding and.

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